lauantai 6. syyskuuta 2014

The saturational opiate cemetaries drag me towards the plus 1 point in the listening marathon that Dalekly tries my patience in the rations.

Jouking and the bouking low down my bow. 

You can eat music. swallow and bite chunks of it and vibrates when it gets down. Gets dooooooooooown. If some of it goes t`wards your lungs, you`ll cough it up and music ejects out of your mouth makes a boom and if it`s real loud you`ll get damages to yor troat, teeth, vocal chords. Top of your mouth, yo tongue. To the toothdecay trolls. Dos the same when it slides trough your foodtube organ.

How many will be printed? This shall be I hope.

You may not believe this, but the papers were paperthin.

The clock is way too many and if there were any stars they`re prolly gone I missed `em again and I should eat `cause you know I hunger and all that stuff.

Yourusely youth youhs up the lightwawes that light up the sight ups. Hey! Careful there. The rugalimaritines tired of being sorcerer food minutes ago. For them, a new age begun. Hunreds of seconds ago. I`ll take seconds. If it means food which is in my case, your brain. In a gaseous form. Hahahahahahahah. Laugh it up.
Become a miser. A lonely lonesome happy fellow. Fellowship of the ding. Ding-a-ling don Juarezo. Stepping the sipping stoves. I try and don`t, to get somethin` done. Something noble. Great. Artistic. Worthwhile. And alot of it in a short period of time, because my life might just run out afore I have the chance to achieve it all. One of them, love.

Your whole life can change to a cluster because you experience that awesome, comely sensationalistic happening. Especially with the unrequited kind.

Fatique rears its beautious, scabby rear. And your life changes in to a clusterduck. Especially in you imagination. Only there, if you play it smart. But I can`t. I feel so insecure, stupid, awful and wrong.

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