torstai 4. syyskuuta 2014

Okay, here`s my definitive answer.

I love stories about DCs and MARVELs characters. But I`d want the companies to suddenly face bankcrupty. I wouldn`t want the vacuum to be filled.

I`d want readers to notice all the other great stuff that is published. I`d want `em to read back issues.

I`d want all the characters and stories to go to their creators, or maybe to the public domain.

Then all the fantastic stories that haven`t been in print for decades, they could be reprinted. Better yet, scanned and put to the internet. Hell, do both!

Then you could see all the obscure (I hope) and popular characters in indies and whatnots! In webcomics, and their makers could make legal money out of them! Or somthing. No, better give the rights of the characters to the creators. Of course, that makes up new cnas of worms, but it has advantages.

Then, that doesn`t sound right...

This is what happens to me every time. I think about what I think of the companies, and then my answers just get messy and I don`t know what to think. Because:

All that matters to me, is that the stories are there. I`d want a 400 page comic novel about Freedom beast. I`d want both companies to be more like Indie publishers (as small, too), but with that already established character catalogue they have.

I care about individual stories. About comics as an artform. The publishing stracegy with all its kinks is a helluva big piece of art, too, but it`s not as appealing to me. It appeals to you, to millions. Even though everyone of them feels it`s flawed. They keep complaing about it.

(For examp, if a hero who doesn`t murder, would kill someone. Which everybody knows is out of character. But it`s not. If a character did it, it`s not out of character. It feels wrong to many, but it`s not. They don`t like that story, and feel that it`s a black mark in the characters history. They wouldn`t want it to exist because they love the character with all their heart, and they want the history of it to be "perfect". But`s an unavoidable evil. A shared characters history can never be perfect. Especially if someone tries to change it. You can`t make an omelette etc.) 

But why? If one wants something new, one shouldn`t look at old characters.
(They`ll just do what they always have, in the end. The stories are the things that keep adding something new to the mythos`s. Except when they don`t.)

There`s new ones all the time. But they don`t have a large audience like Daredevil.
But that`s not the problem we fans have. It`s the fact that the characters keep on existing.
What I want, is for every character in the MARVEL- and DC-worlds to have their definitive story. Be it in some other characters story, or their own. A story that is about 400-1000 pages or something.

Then what?

The character dies. All the loose ends cut. Or the hero quits being one, and has a happy rest of life. Or all the plotlines are resolved, new ones aren`t made up and the hero takes it easy for a moment. Or does a crazy flip in the air. And that`s the last that will be seen of that protagonists, until they have lapsed in to public domain.

That`s what I want. But I don`t need to have it come trough. I can focus on those new stories and back issues of the older characters.

Sure, I still have problems with the companies and unfinished stories and such, and it feels overtly complicated, but I hope I`ll get over that. Hope I`ll focus my energy to create what I`d want the two companies shared universes to be like. But in a smaller scale. More auteuristic. More diverse than all-supercomics.  

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