keskiviikko 27. elokuuta 2014

So, I signed this petition a while back.

Needs more signees. So do these.

This, too. Stands for cancelling a tv-show tha glamorizes and shows the killing os sharks. SHARKS, man! Those awesome creatures who are poignantly important to the ecosystem (being some of the top predators of smaller fish, obviously)! It directly affects humans and millions of other species.

Worldwide, sharks kill LESS than 6-20 people a year (depending on the year). You can even swim around `em and keep your life, if you don`t panic (in which case, there`s always protective cages) or start acting like a douche! Which you prolly knew already.

So, basically, sharks are hippies towards people.  Who knows, maybe they smoke weed and use waterpipe and colorful hemp shirts. Plus, I wouldn`t surprised if someone would find a lavalamp inside ones stomach.


Anyway, this is serious. Sharkhunters kill millions of these guys a year, and this is one way to fight back. I want you to sign this petition. If you do, you`ll get the blessing of Ikatere (Hawaian god, father of all sea cretures) on you.

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