maanantai 11. elokuuta 2014

Back in Liminka again.

Melancholy. Again. Boring without her. I`ll make the most of this without her, though. I guess and hope. Besides, what else life, than a painting of blue. With other colors. Brigther and darker ones. And equally brightdarkful. But different looking. Different colors.

Why must I think such unpraiseful thoughts of her? I wish I don`t despise her, but it feels like that (It`s the bits and pieces of her personality that belong to people I`ve looked down on for years. Modern vandals and troublesome teenagers. She`s not like that completely, of course. I don`t know that much of her past. Want to learn.)

Then again, all the ones I love I despise. Natural of a human being.

I`m awful. Awful. Of course it was a fitting punishment that she`d leave. My lovely friend.

This is harmful. Gotta focus on other stuff. I almost wish I`d forget her and etc. But it`s absurd.

Want to make a horror story, lenght 400 pages, or less. Drawn by friend. Dunno when she will. But I`m gonna start. Already have. But that was preliminary work. Maybe should preminalise a bit more.

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