torstai 3. heinäkuuta 2014

Akilles De Picosekunti babbled to himself, `because he was his best listener.

I`m cruel to my friends and family members, but I guess they don`t mind `cause I love `em and they know that. I I I, I- I have a few friends I don`t wanna hang out with as much as others, and I feel like a dick because of it.
Though, everyone has friends who they don`t like as much as others. Which makes everyone a dick. God, I`d want to use, more imaginative curse words. More imaginative language. All the time. Be happier and quirkier. More intelligent and and and I`d want everyone to be more impossible! 

Want everyone to listen everyone, while being quiet, while saying their most innermost thoughts out loud! And they would make conclusions, and be positive and understand what to fix and not be fannyarses because they wanna hurt others, but `cause they are more interesting that way! Or maybe not. Maybe maybe I I I dunno.
I dunno damn it in the name of Satan who should suffer. Or sumthing. Maybe not, though. 

Because I want them to be everyone to be nice. I don`t want `em to be like me, a-holes. Well I`m not that much really I but I kinda am. And so are you. 

Why don`t they like me? Nah, they do. I just wanna pity miself. I think that nobody wants to spend time with me, because I don`t wanna spend time with `em. Maybe they are like that. I`d deserve it, such treatment.

I wanna be with her. Spend time with her and make stories, every day. Alot. With others, too. I wanna travel-well I wanna be with `em ALMOST every day. Wanna be alone too. What else what else...I, hmmmmmmmm, hickory dickory dock, the cow went up the clock, said moo moo who`s there I`m...the wind. Blowing trough your...sigh. Not a deep one. A word, actually, hihi.

I, ehmhmh...have so much to do. I have made plans. Wanna do thousands of comic pages. Some mini movies. Book full of babbles. Tower of Babel...bable. = ) ob-vious.

But anyway.

Those plans, they crush me. I have to make them all happen, but I gotta give myself time.

I wanna...I want everyone to be perfect. I use to be angry about everyone being such prickles, but these days I`m more...fed up. I wanna make a comic about the subjectNO!!!! Characters. About it. Hm-mh-hehee.

Mebbe stories too. 

Wanna travel, `cause staying in one place this place limits me.

Ghodshs! I know this stuff-e-leeni already! Why am I ranting about it, them!!??

Oh, right. Hello reader.

I deserve to be happy. But no I don`t.

Hmh. A different version of me wrote this writes this down and will be posting it. I guess that`s creating. Also, she will call me soon (to one of my versions she has called already). These two occurances make me happier. Oh joy.

Oh, it`s actually occurREnces.

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