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Saga of the robotic mango-man. Part 7: Unexpected memorabilia.

Richly mating heatpillar use to be a very temper tantrumy child. This genderless, one and a half armed, dramatically pink humanoid from a foreign planet would be mad about:
-Vegetable like things he was forced to not eat.
-Slow mortitories (hangers of woollen pieces of meat).
-The fact that nobody has invented a machine or a box of some kind that can take you up or down a building via a strong cable.
-Not having an interesting name, like, for example, "Dave".
-No constellations are named Richly mating heatpillar.
-Young guns.
-Typical Moments when theres light (days) and Moments when there`s less of it (nights).

It goed on for a long while. 5 years actually, in what time Richly was mature (the species Richly belongs to, matures in four years).

Richly wasn`t just angry, though. Had all the emotions others/most do, but Richlys were more intense.
Could get so...
Clingy, that 40 % of Richlys relationships ended to Planet More Than Enoughs equilant of a restraining order (Richly could be shot to the legs if Richly would come closer than 200 yards of the ones Richly wasn`t with, anymore.).
So sad, that would eventually get depressed. Has attempted a suicide twice.
So fed up and cynical about everything, that everyone would get angry, eventually.
So manically enthusiastic about whatever would be doing, that ignored everything else.
So happy that it would, in the end, irritate the gloop out of everybody present.
So distracted that it had caused one death.

So on, et cetera, and so forth...
Richly raged, in a tongue that actually isn`t English, but has been translated to it, for your convenience. Unless, of course, you don`t understand that language at all. Unfortunate, it is.

Attacked verbally, the aliens (from our perspective) romantic dendrophilous avatar.

"I`m intolerant towards this excrement!" Said Richly.

"Do not describe this occasion you`re having with me, like that!"
"GO eat YOUR NIPPLES!!!" Richly vulgarly, tauntingly, ordered. Even though it`s obvious for both involved, that it`s not what Richly mating really wants.
Stormed out, Richly mating. Followed, dendrophilous avatar, not too happily.

They left the lil hill, carved to look like the skull of a composition of a fly, elephant and an individual of a tragically named animal species, Suicidal fishflower. They lived in it, and the door was in the left nostril. Sky was of the color you`re thinking of right now.

"Why do you have to be like this, you assimile!? Half the time with you I am, we argue!

"I don`t want to hear your annoying voice!! Maybe I wouldn`t shout if you`d pipe down!!"
Shouted Richly, at the same time that the avatar shouted:
"You`re a pedific, ridiculous spleenbrain!! You`re the one of us who shouldn`t talk!!"  

Obviously, (this being an adventure-series and all) the innecessant loud, decadent conversation aroused the attention of a nigh evil spirit, who was floating about 19 meters above the pair.
"Neat. Victims." It said, with no joy in it`s voice, which was dry.
It descended. Was invisible. Three cheese grater resembling things in the tips of tentacle appendages appeared form around it`s body. It would kill the two by rubbing the sharp parts against them. But because it`s not COMPLETELY cruel, it would inject them with instantaneous painkillers. Half the pain would be sliced off.

It injected. Then killed.

It got a rush of it.

The two passed out after fife minutes. The spirit ate them, like a spider.    

Heatpillar was in a palace made of salt. Was with a genderless humanoid with four hands and one leg, in light blue clothes. Leany face. Eyes nonexistent. Mouth a line, that has been drawn to the middle of the face. It`s nose in a necklace.

"?" Was the only thing Heatpillar managed to push out of mouth.

"You have died. You do know that, right?" Explained the creature, telepathically. Or more like said it without vocal chords, `cause such aren`t necessary in this stage of afterlife.


"Odd. Well, you`re not the only one who hasn`t understood it. Who doesn`t. Who willn`t.
It`s time for you to be reborn. Any wishes regarding what to be born as?"

"I...have been too emotional...less of that, please. Or something...
I find this surreal...everything..."

"Got it."


Loudly, two toes of Death made the sound when they made contact.


Serial number opened it`s eyes for the first time ever.


Ekobo jogged and said to Serial:

"Wake up bozo!"

Serial nro. stopped dreaming.

"I have woken up."

They jogged on. They continued with their exercise for some time. Nearly two hours, actually. Then they rested. Serial nro. didn`t need to as much, but did so anyway.

Next: Something else.

Note: The scretches shown in the previous chapter aren`t halpful at all, when done before exercising, in the universe where this story has been written. In Serial nros. home dimension, they are, though. But NOT in ours. Okay? You got that? Good.
Active scretching advice.

So, I have no idea if she is still reading this story...I haven`t written this in a too-long-while. Mebbe she doesn`t care anymore. But, I don`t have that problem with stories, so maybe she doesn`t, either. Anyway, adult kiddo, this is for you. 
For everybody else, to read the previous chapters, click the "Saga of the robotic mango-man"-text below this entry.

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