torstai 5. kesäkuuta 2014

Bucket list wishes I`ve succeeded in completing.

Make a 24-hour comic.

Wanna make another.

Live somewhere where I love to live, for as long as possible. Maybe there`s more o` those places.

I`ve done this all the time.

Make great food.

A few times. Not done.

Read every goddamn blog post in Everyday is like wednesday, my faf blog thus far.

Nah, not mandatory.

Listen to music I haven`t heard before.

Pretty easy. Here`s one artist.

Work with every writer I`d like to work with (like Pertti Jarla and Stan Lee). The number of writers is...I dunno. Over a hundred? Or more? Well, maybe not with everyone, then...

A fairly unrealistic wish. I`ve lost my interest in this thing (especially Stan Lee), for the most part. I`d still like to work with friends of mine, like Elina Lahdenperä and Aurora Von Devil.

Elinas blog. Surprisingly, there`s no gory pics in it.

Grant Morrison would be cool too. Sometimes he`s such an a-hole, but the better you know someone as a friend or close acquaintance who doesn`t wanna kill you, the less it bothers you. Besides, he`s nicer than he`s an asshole. Besides, everyone is an aas-cunt. Most ain`t celebrities, so not many know.  

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