maanantai 21. huhtikuuta 2014

Out of bodyer.

Slowly sinking Americalization begun to have it`s magic transported to my skin particles. Sister Golden hair was giving me a hard time. If you know what I mean...
I mean that she was really pissed. She hit me and hit me and whatyaknow, hit me. With an ironing door. Strange, I thought to myself as my snot and blood bursted out of my soon-to-be-shredded cartilage part of my nose. Well, technically, the blood spewed from the nostrils. Or something...I dunno, not good with biology.

I trapped my sould in order to kick her wrinkly batoose. I saw spots everywhere. Always with the spots...I`ve seen `em thrice this past two weeks. So basically, that many beatings in a fortnight.

Anyway, after capturing my thoughts, life essence and whatelse, I could give her my best right and left hook, and have her leave STAT.

Thing is...that`s not how it works. I was a bloody spirit! How would I be able to hit her!? Clearly, the adrenaline and rest of it was making me think quuerly. There I tried to think of an actually workable solution, when I remembered WHY I wanted to jail my ego. My undermyself is a boxing master, and when I leave my body, he takes over. And if he notices something like, that someones kicking his arse, or somebody elses, he gets rumbling.

So, I looked as my 45 year old body beat a 70 year old pretendvirgin senseless, and cheered. Then she left, screaming about how she`d get back at me. Chyeah! Let her try!

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