torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014

A great pic from the only comic in my pull list, right now. I read lots of comics, of course, but they`re usually trades I`ve bought, and books I loan.

The splatter looks like a frozen image of an explosion. Contents of the thought bubble create a contrast. The way the character reacts to what has happened looks good, especially dramatic from this perspective. The panel packs the kind of emotion you`d maybe feel if this would happen to you. Colors are bright, various and pure. Artist is marcos Martin. Aces.

Oh, BTW, it`s from The Private eye, from Panel syndicate.

You may be dumbfound due to the lack of the picture. Well...Blogger wont let me post it, apparently. some bug or sumthin. It`s in issue six. Page 20, I guess? Or thereabout. It`s a splash.  

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