torstai 27. maaliskuuta 2014

Dreadful. Also, Simpsons.

I fantazise about future projects, instead of making them.

Today, for example, about someday making comics for Bongo publisher (Simpsons, Futurama and distribution of Spongebob-comic). I have ideas for a few issues. I`d maybe wanna make 10-14 for Simpsons characters, and 6-12 for Futurama. Or thereabouts. Maybe less.

Right now, I should be making a mini magazine (That I can`t finish before the deadline, which is okay, since it`s not dead serious. I mean, it`s not an assigment or anything.). Instead, I`ve been drawing a few Simpsons pics! And a Spongiebobby. It`s fun, of course.

The one with the smile is supposed to be Troy McClure. That`s what I get when I draw a character who someone else created, from your memory. 

Hmmmh...I guess I didn`t make them bright enough with Photoshop. Than again, looks good to me. 

Proud of `em, right now.

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