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"Death to all who oppose me."

This person was shunned by the society that this person lived in, because irritating this person was thought to be. Well, most didn`t, but he felt that everybody does, sometimes.

This person wasn`t even a hard core irritator, frankly. This person wanted to be one. But was too shy to be.

This person was angry. Hateful. Towards the whole human race.

"Death to them all." This person often uttered. Ths person wanted everyone to die, but also wanted everyone to be alive. This person solved the conundrum with some logic.

Set up a thing of magic, maybe dark, to get to the point and place in time, when Death was born, the person did.

Got there.

There was a celestial, simple organism, the third one ever born, that was bigger than a quasar, and the size of a dust mite, at the same time. Was eaten by another one of its kind. The first creatures of the universe. Living in the humid athmosphere of a planet the size of a moderate sized sun.

Floating in the air was the person. Heard squabling. It sounded, in a way, like it would be from another world.

"You knew that this would happen in due time."

"I fucking wont do this!"

"Come on...we all have work to do, and so do you. It`s not that difficult..."

"I have other stuff to-"

"SHUT UP!!!!!! Just shut the motherfucking fuck up you fucking panzy! Christ (who in a way, hasn`t been born yet)!!! It`s just this once!"

Not like you have to do this ALL the time! Keep a break every once in a while! Communicate with the customers! It`s only unpleasent, if you make it feel that way! Shit...Just get on with it, I have to...I dunno, evolve a few billion creatures or something. "

"Fine, whatever!"

Death walked to the awaiting soul of the first dead creature, wearing a cordial looking suit, cape and other accessories. One of those ensembles that isn`t to be worn often. It was dark. Pretty much everything about it was dark. A scythe was also a part of the whole thing. A very peculiar one. Black pearls and diamonds and jewels from across the universe in it. Soft curves. Shone. Death looked dignified, bored, uncomfortable.

Music there was. A fanfar that lasted half a minute. Death would`ve narrowed its eye lids of irritation, if it would have them. Or maybe it did. Still, it wouldn`t be honorous, so he wouln`t have had. Evolution had been strict about it.    

Stopped in front of the creature. Loudly Death talked, enounciating:

"DFSJUÖRöjme# Rf4r 44rm e  dfkdmdeRdt
€4p34k4  mtk, ,

Talked with the creatures own language. Talked back, the creature. They talked this:

(It would be more convenient to NOT translate the conversation. But I`m not convenient.)

"The only creature to die, are you ready to step in the Netherworld, a structure hidden in to the universe, the home of the one who has died?"

"I don`t understand."

"Of course you do not. The concepts haven`t been invented yet. But, you should understand very soon."

16 seconds passed.

"Oh, now I get it. I guess I could."

"Marvelous." Said Death, who didn`t really think that it`s marvelous, but a very common thing. "Are there any concerns that you want to take care of before your leave."

"I have no idea what you mean."

"Of course not. All your needs were eating, occassional multiplying, getting from one place to another and staying alive for the time being.
Therefore, I now raise my object of duty, and-"

"Object I do!!!!" Shouted the person.

Death and the creature stared at the person.

"I take it, that if you take the soul of this one, in this festive manner, nobody else will die?" Said person.

"That`s the general idea. I`m not sure if it`s wise...but you know, bureaucracy."

"Well, what wins bureaucracy, is magic! I cast a spell, a hex on you! You will give death to all those who oppose me. Death to all who don`t, `cause they don`t stop me when I cause harm. Death to all who act the same towards others. Death to those who want it.
To those who don`t let me sing. To those who kill. To those who are against it when they shouldn`t. To those who are irritating. To those who say that people should die `cause they are irritating.
To those who think they`re such hot shit. to those who are idiots who destroy the world, though it will not die because of them. To those who dare think that somebody`s an a-hole just because they were born as idiots or gays or something.
To those who can`t shut up about killing rapists and everything, and insult them. Those guys deserve sympathy and help too. Do you know what else? Death, because they cause so much hurt! And in case I`ve forgot some group that deserves death, I say, give death to ALL! Especially me, because I will cause alot of problems due to this action, though alot of good will also come of it!"

"Well, thanks blokey. I got a dignified job thanks to you. I keep the universe in order now, get to meet all kinds of lifeforms and lead an interesting life."

Deaths garb changed to a more mundane one. A black, worn cloak with no accessories. His scythe became more ordinary, also.

He climbed on top of a giant rat. Then off they went, to perform their tasks.

"You`re welcome. Bye."

Then the person returned to his own time.

And that`s what I, Akilles De Picosekunti did a few days ago. You`re welcome everyone. Because, if nobody`d die...well, it would obviously pose problems.

PS: Because Death forgot about the first dead creature, it became the first ghost. It would remain as that for close to two months.

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