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A story about things in life that happened to someone. Chapter 7: There shall be...indeed, there shall be...a conclusion.

It had been eight months since the previous chapter. Everyone was poor, and Angloland was in constant flames, looked as though it had been bombed. Prolly `cause that`s what happened. Except Joaquin Fotheswield.

Don`t ask me how it happened. There was no logic in his plan. Or maybe there was.

Tori was in Joaquins palace made of gold and the skulls and bones of all kinds of people and other animals. She went to Fotheswields offices door. Knocked.

"Enter." Said the delightful sounding man. He had been delighted ever since he had sent millions of troops to kill everyone in sight. That had been a few months ago, when he had become very influential. When he had slaughtered everyone else with political power, and tampered with the constitutional law.

Tori entered.

"The cocaine you asked for."

"Smashing." Said Fotheswield."You know, I have never been this happy."

Gun pressed in to the back of Fotheswields head.

"I would`ve done this sooner, if your asshole troops wouldn`t have had jailed me. They tried to rape me, but I killed them all. Not that you care."

"You`re...not my servant...are you...?"





She didn`t want to prolong it.

She went out. The bleeding corpse of a stupid character who wasn`t as evil as he should be, laid on the floor covered with cold gold coins. The skeleton of Enslings smiled of twisted joy. His murderer had been murdered.

She walked and walked, and knew that the end was very nigh indeed.

Chrisso was one of the few thousand survivors in the whole country. He knew that he`d meet her again, very soon. He saw her. She saw him. They walked towards each other.

They faced each other and were tired looking. They did not smile.

" killed the bad guy?"


"If I`d known back then, that he`d do this...I would`ve assisted you."

"Oh shut up. We`re two characters in a story that didn`t amuse its writer anymore. It`s going to end soon." Sniped Tori.

"Yes we are." Affirmed Chrisso.

 There was silence

"Wanna have sex?"Asked Chrisso. 

And that they did. In this dying story they did. It was wild, and it was the best they had ever had. Which was either because the crisis made it feel awesome, or it made it awesome in some other ways.

And then, Akilles (new name Akilles De Pico) decided that he didn`t want it to end like this.

They had shagged their brains out, in their home. In their home, in their bed, they laid. Sheets covering them, protecting from the chill. They cuddled.

"I had a strange thought honeyflower." Chrisso said.

"Fire it out."

"That Angloland had faced a dreadful crisis. And we made love in the ruins. And you had killed Foatheswield."

"Was the sex as great as it was now?"

"Equally good. Or better. I dunno. It was just a thought that passed trough my head. Didn`t live it."

Silent they were.

"I had killed Fotheswield? That brain of yours is so weird...Did I kill him in the mental asulym he was put in seven months ago?"

"Nope. He was in a palace."

They were drowzy while they spoke. They fell asleep. Fife years later they took foster kids to take care of. They all lived quite a happy, quite a sad,  quite a difficult and easy life together, till death did them part.

Joaquin Fotheswields mental problems became harmless, and he moved to the himalayas to grow turnips`s. He was accompanied by his imaginary friends of various nationalities. 

Einslings became a scifi hero, who traveled space and time for a thousand years, before he moved on to a next life. He saved a unity of fife universes (one of the universes contained the planet where this story took place) 7090 times during this time. And had 180 thousand other adventures.

This story is licensed under creative commons ATTRIBUTION. 
Which means, that you can use the story in any way (for example, make it a part of your story continuum), distribute it in any way and if you really want, make money out of it. As long as you:

AttributionYou must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

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