perjantai 21. helmikuuta 2014

Kickstarter related stuff. Again.

So, I finally managed to get the means necessary to donate mulah to KS. Alot of it, actually. Relatively.

I feel weared out because I`m afraid that anyone of the projects I back, that can succeed, wont pull trough. But, miracles happen. This makes me less angsty.

Some would say that money should be spent on those dying kids everywhere, instead.


EVERYTHING that is good for beings of all kinds, that require money (Don`t start rampaging about the needlesness and hurtfulness of money. Those two are associated with it. But in our global society, it does have a quite a great meaning. Doesn`t it? Yeah. So I`ll just continue where I left off.), should be financed. We could take the money off from something like the Oscar-foundation, right? Or maybe not. It IS a crepid thing, but it has to have its uses.

How about all the armies? Cut their budgets in half, I say. Spend it all in science, useful & great arts and medical stuff.

And in case malevolent aliens attack...well, either they have so powerful weapons that were screwed anyway, or we`ll be stronger, or at least close to equals when it comes to chances of victory, with them. Besides, we still have those nuclear bombs. Maybe they`ll be of help. Maybe the aliens have powerful forcefields...

Then again, they`d probably reach us in a few millenia. Or maybe they started that long ago.

I`m not scared though. Yet.

Oh, and while we`re waiting, why not join KS? You don`t have to donate your ass off. 5 euros or quid (or sumthin`) a day. Or 15 a week. Or 40 a month. Or a mill per a year.

Gods know...actually, I`m pretty sure those bastards don`t care.

Some things know that there`s alot of deserving ones.

Comic about a super stoner.

An actually great looking photo comic. JACK KIRBY would approve.

A dramatized documentary based on the book "American horror love story".

Something pretty cool.

Plus...thousands of others.

Incredible projects.

That usually get the chance to become available for a wide audience.

Thanks to a wide audience.

Be someone in that crowd.

Of course you do not have to.

But...being in the being passionate.

Do you want to feel that way?

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