keskiviikko 1. tammikuuta 2014

Happy beginning of year 2014!

Once again, it`s time to have that feeling you get, when you know that something big is ahead of you.

Wallow in it. Maybe for a few days. Then get to work.

Make resolutions, if you want. I don`t really care to. Never been a tradition with my family. Besides, I don`t care about them enough to get something done. But please, do make them resolutions. For the sake of a celebrational day. I hate it if someone is, like, why should someone make resolutions `cause it`s a tradition.

Traditions are fun! Unless it`s an obligation to you. Which is kinda stupid. Unless you think of it as a cool obligation. Enjoyable one.

Another thing about New years...if you don`t think it`s a horrible festivity, or don`t really care about it, you probably feel idealistic about it. Awesome, grand, uniting.

It seems that you should not. Maybe I`ve misunderstood, though.

It irritates me, if it is so. Since I consider myself an idealist. But, partly, that`s why I love being one. I like to be somewhat of a counterculturalist. I`m not that humongously so...but a bit...

I`m not sure if I COULD be anarchistic. Maybe I will be after 10-20 years. We change so much in that time, after all.

I want to change that much. I want to do crazy things, grow as a person and all that shit. Sure, it means that I wont think things trough, and will make idiotic statements. But I`ve been doing that all my life, so I should be used to it.

Instead, I abhor brain farting these days. I know I can`t avoid them. I`d want to. Would want to be more like Grant Morrison. He seems to be so right, all the time. But I know he`s not. He`s an ordinary human being.

Will I ever reach to his level? You may be thinking that I shouldn`t think this, because surely that thought must be wrong. But no. We always have to reach higher. Create greater stories (and you know, buildings, attidutes, cures for ailments...It applies to everything.).

Or do we?

If you really try to make the greatest thing of the century, you`ll probably wind up making something really cool. But not what you set out to.

If you simply try to make something really cool, you`ll wind up making the greatest thing of the century. In short...

Do what Woody Allen does.

Don`t stress if you`re making the best story you can, or anyone can. If it`s good enough, it can be published.

Then again...maybe you should also do what Tom Scioli does. Try to exceed KIRBY.

I think we already have.

Maybe not by much. After all, stories still revolve around the same old themes and all that. But so did KIRBYS. Has the storytelling as a whole, improved. Possibly.

Frankly, it`s only been a few decades since KIRBY peaked. World crushing change doesn`t happen in a decade. But centuries. Milleniums.

And why always compare everything to one man? Or a group of them ( Women too, like Mary Shelley or Gail Simone...oh wait, she`s not THAT great...I`m sure she`s written alot of entertaining stories, though. Stories that have exactly the kind of things, she would not wanna see in comics. But, I`m sure she beats herself over that. I would. It wouldn`t make me stop writing stuff like that, though. ).

I may be pointing out something that I wish I wouldn`t have had, because I`ll later realize it`s stupid. And irritating. But, we cannot evolve as a species without questioning everything.

So, here goes...Moebius, JACK KIRBY, Alan Moore, Frank Miller etc. etc.

Anyone you like.

They aren`t gods (if you knew this already, good).

They`re awesome (And flawed, which makes them even more awesome. Okay, KIRBY didn`t have many flaws that woulda hurt others, violently. Close to none? Morrison has very few hurtful flaws too, it seems. I like iconoclasts, after all. ), but not perfect storytellers.

Nobody is, you prick!

Duly noted, reader. Why do we act like they are/were, then? Because they`re so many heads and shoulders above us? Because we don`t want there to be better ones?


Don`t think so.

Anyway, what you should do, is to hold great respect for your idols, while becoming someone else ( Like an imitator of their style, which I`ve started to approve in the recent two or three years, thanks to Tom Scioli. Who also irritates me. Well, whatyagonnado? ), someone greater, in a different way, while making your stories different from theirs and everyone elses (which I think everyone should do, though it`s impossible) and not stress about it. Unleash your creativity.


Shit. That sounds ridiculously difficult.

That`s another reason why we want JACK KIRBY and the rest to be the giants we look up to.

... not a post about the ending of a 365-and-then-some-calendar-cykle, and beginning of another, anymore, is it?

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