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For the first time, once again and for the last time...the Ruler king.

The Ruler king was staging the stage. He jumped up and down.

The Ruler king jumped to the cosmic farce.

The Ruler king goed to the movie studio hip hopping from one leaf to another. The beat of the unheard music pounding trough his ears. The soul of Herodes cleansing his thoughts. Never stopping. Never beginning.

Not making any sense.

He`s gotta believe me, he thought, meaning himself.

Hip hop said: Sic `em!

"I have never understood why that means attacking." said the Ruler King, and threw a ruler at someone. Someone squeecked.

"Lemme check." Said the Ruler king.

He checked nothing.

"All my ideas have already been invented!" He yelled in agony!

"A friend of mine once said, that you should turn all your ideas upside down, because there`s a possibility that the reader has already thought of them, and they, therefore, don`t have a great effect." Said Keijo Ahlqvist (I paraphrased, but that`s basically what he said and meant).

"Of course!!!!" Shouted the King, glamorously enthusiastically.

He turned the world upside down, in the span of 3 minutes.

The world in question was one of the Terras from a parallel universe.

So, the effect that his deed created, was that it was now upside down. Literally. South America took the place of North America, North pole the place of South poles...

Most of the organisms in this Earth will be in a state of confusion, because the seasons are now reversed. Africa will be very snowy very soon, for example.

They would be in this state for months or years.

The few remaining ones. The sudden change in gravity, during the action, had caused various structures of nature, and those made by man to crumble. Oceans had created waves of unseen heights.

The before mentioned organisms didn`t hold their balance very well, when they were tossed around by the cataclysmic forces, bigger than they, in many respects.

Other shitty stuff happened too.

( Which begs the question, why did Superman do the same thing with his Earth so many times (though, he actually rotated it backwards)? He knew how disastrous it would be, right? And honestly, if you wanna trun back time on Earth, (which was his intention) you shouldn`t do something that has no effect on the flow of time!

And for some reason...nothing bad happened, when he did that.  

Sigh...Silver age comics, I love you. )  

All in all, that was the beginning of the end for humanity and 80 % of organisms that are not bacteria, one celled etc.  

The human race survived though, and rebuilt its civilization all over again (this time it looked different, though not better), in the span of thousands of years.

King felt bad.

"Why did I do something this stupid and impulsive!?"

He knew that if he`d turn it back to its place, he`d only cause more damage.

Suicide passed trough his mind.

Which is why he took a golf course.

He hated golf.

Then he blew his lungs out.

Death took his soul in 20 seconds.

"Please, throw me to the trash." Said the Ruler king.

This, Death did.

In the trash, the Ruler king spent a millennium in this plane, where time had no meaning. So, no time had actually gone by.

Then climbed out of the trash, the Ruler king.

Spent a million years as ghost. Feeling sorry for what he had done.

After that, who knows what he did? Maybe you do.

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