torstai 9. tammikuuta 2014

Be different!

If you`re unordinary, you will be liked by people (while still being disliked)!

Being quirky`s not a bad thing (though, it`ll make you a social outcast)!

Frankly, in this world of ordinary shmucks, it`s refreshing (and bad for your health)!

Everyone will want to hang out with you (for a few minutes, after what they will talk bad things about your weirdness, behind behind your back)!

If you`re strange, the whole world is your oyster (if you`re also lucky, and relentless in spirit)!
You shall entertain people (but only if they`re as strange as you)!

Honestly, everyone will like you (If you`re famous. Okay, there`s those who don`t, but you`re rich and well known, so why care?)!

I`m serious (no I ain`t)!


Seriously, just have a positive outlook on life

( If you`re irritated at this comment...well, there`s not much I can do. )

and all`s well.

Most things are.

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