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Akilles's advent calendar: 7

There`s a reason as to why this is the second day in the row I`m not posting an image I drew. It`s a bit more difficult to use the scanner of my familys home, than it is to use the scanner at my current school. 
In one word: laziness. 

It was the seventh day of December. 

Story 1:

The elf Elfistus was eating gingerbread. Then she drank wine. Then she talked a while, with a fellow elf. About their faforite movies. Then she went to her room. She read a romantic novel. Fell asleep.

Story 2:

The penguin didn`t know what to change to. An Elephant? A Gekko? An Asian Arowana? An Island Fox? Santa Cruz long-toed salamander? Axolotl?

Story 3:

The Gingerbread man ran! He leaped above spiky obstacles! Slaughtered ferocious sheep that meant to harm it! Saved a damsel in distress! Kicked the ass of some wanker who thinks too much about what is decent and what`s not! Finally he wound up to a table in an Elf village!

Then he was eaten by Elfistus, who didn`t even notice that he was alive.

Story 4:

It was boring day in Heaven. The angel Caladhrioobs visited Hell. It was boring there too. He visited Earth. Other inhabited planets. Planets not inhabited. Boring in those places, too. Caldhrioobs sighed.

Story 5:

The young man named Akilles was feeling useless again.
Felt that he should travel, but didn`t wanna go trough the trouble.
Felt that he should make comics, but many of them would be better as prose.
Wanted to spend time with his important persons, but had other things to do.
When he did those things, he wanted to do something else.
Thought that he should say things he wants to say, but didn`t dare to.
But at least he made something for his bloody Advent calendar.

Story 6:

Ossi was feeling sad.

Why didn`t his "owner" wanna play with him?

Why did he just sulk?

Why did they just watch television, most of the day?

Instead of playing.

Ossi was a sad cuddly animal.

Akilles felt guilty for not being a better "owner".

Story 7:

D. E. L. I. G. H. T.

This story is licensed under creative commons ATTRIBUTION. 
Which means, that you can use the story in any way (for example, make it a part of your story continuum), distribute it in any way and if you really want, make money out of it. As long as you:

AttributionYou must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

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