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Akilles's advent calendar: 14, 15 & 16

What the hell IS Christmas?

It`s decorations that you can only use a few weeks a year*.

It`s holiday themed delicious foods. And not-so-delicious.

It`s wasting your time doing useless things. Like writing xmas cards to EVERYONE. Or wasting hundreds of moneys on gifts, that will bring joy for minute moments.

It`s about receiving. Giving. Wanting.

Pretending to be nice. Being actually nice.

It`s about booze.



It`s nothing but white noise in the background of your trip to the shop. That suddenly assaults you, and then
you`re pissed.

It`s about stress.

About rudeness.


Useless garbage.

It`s great time for kids. Or not, in the cases of many of them.

Same goes for adults.

It`s about waiting for 24 days for that moment that lasts about an hour or two**. When you get the presents you craved for. Or something you did not want at all. Probably both. Maybe you got/get too much of stuff.
Maybe too little.

It`s about the celebration of Jesus Christ. The fictional entity.

Not the celebration of real Jesus. A man, who wasn`t white, tall and long haired (well, it`s possible he had a long hair). Because he was ARABIC.

A man who probably wasn`t the son of Jahveh, but probably a man who claimed to be him. Either because he was crazy, or a con artist. Or maybe others did think he was the son of god. A man who either cured, or didn`t cure people, similarly to that of shamans. Who may or may not have had been rebellious man, leading a small task force of discibles (frankly, I`m not sure about that, but I haven`t looked in to this in great detail, either) against the cruel rulers of where-ever-he-resided. A man who was born in June. Not December.

He probably was a carpenter, though.

Unfortunately, all the speculations I presented, weren`t thought up by me. But I do believe that it`s probable that all of them are true.

What about Jesus`s teachings then? Are they really his thoughts, or the ones who wrote the bible, or copied these thoughts from some other persons, to it? I like to think that some are Jesus`s and some belong to others.***


Let`s get back to christmas...

Which is about boring traditions.

And very cool ones.

That aren`t the same in every country. Some are close to non existent in most countries.

It`s about alot of mythical creatures. Mostly Santa Clause.

Who I like to think, that exists in our world too, but can`t really bring myself in to thinking that he brings gifts to everyone. Maybe in some cosmic level, he does.

Christmas is his birthday too, by the way (and many humans, too). Of this creatures, who is different in different countries, either because there`s not just one Santa clause, or he really likes to change the way he`s perceived, in different regions. Or because of something else entirely. Or all those reasons.

Christmas is about commercialism. Capitalism. It`s Xmas, in that case.

Christmas is a forceful celebration of spiritual elements, goodness of humankind.

It`s about miracles. The most common theme of them being, that for a very short time, annually, people are (supposedly) more jolly, selfless and fair.

Is it really true? Yes, of course. If people believe in something, it becomes true. In some way or another.

It`s about sex.

It`s about christmas specials in tv.

About colors bright.

About first kisses.

About ordinary life.

About friends and enemies ( By the way, there`s not many good Christmas villains. The ones that are good, though, surpass good, in to the lands of awesome. Like Krampus. Or Robot santa. ).

Marriage proposals.

Accidents that had an awful, okay or great aftermath.

About cutting down those poor trees and using them as decorations, that eventually die. I feel uncomfortable about that.

About something I use to think of as the tripping balls. Then thought of as not that great anymore, though I had no desire to do so, and continued to celebrate it, kinda pathetically. This year, I`ve accepted that it`s not as important to me, anymore (One of the reasons why I haven`t posted Christmas stuff every day this month, like I intended, at first. The others are, that I`ve looked for interesting cryptids, watched tele, and read a Discworld book called Interesting times. It`s interesting, and very good.).

I`m going to celebrate it fully, for just a few days before the eve of it, this year. I`ll see if that works.

In the future, it will be something else for me.

What the hell IS Christmas about?

Things I mentioned, and things I didn`t even think of.

* If you want to use `em like they were meant to, for longer, that`s good. There`s a guy, for example, who use to be depressed until he started to celebrate Christmas everyday. That`s cool. My father thinks (or use to, at least) it`s stupid to waste all that electricity. My father is stupid, sometimes. Or alot of the time. You probably feel the same way about yours. If you have one. Or you don`t think so. Or have, but only a few times during a few decades.

** With most other holidays, it`s just a few days, which is a lot wiser. But because I`m usually of two minds, I feel that I have the responsibility to also note, that it`s cool, that this holiday has a needlessly long, official period of waiting for it.

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