lauantai 2. marraskuuta 2013

Starting a project and so on.

I`ve been (as I`ve mentioned) a little down alot of the time, in the past few months. While I`ve been in the art school of Liminka.

Sometimes a little up, which is good.

I`ve spent alot of time alone, you see. Lately, this behaviour has caused me to feel like shit.

But, a while back, I said to myself (like I sometimes do) that it has to stop. I`ve spent some time with certain newfound friends. For example, Aurora, who has a blog too. She`s kooky. We have that in common.

Me, Jaakko Heikkilä (Finnish dude who makes paintings for a living) her and her roomy have taken on a project, to paint a nearby room where young, musical folks practice playing all kindsa instruments. What do ya call it? Band room.

The project hasn`t got alot of wings under it`s wind, or vice versa. But we`re getting to that point.

Also, 31.10 was one of those 24 hour scretches that hold alot of rare events, in my case.
-I made 2 pages (or so) of comics. Not that rare, but I did do it on a 8 hour (or something like that) scretch.
-Slept about 4 hours.
-Was only a little tired during the first hours of the day.
-Got a scetch from a talented Finish comic auteur Hanneriina Moisseinen (she held a course this week).
To Aki in Liminka 1.11.2013 from Hanneriina.

-I drew a scetch for her.

-Read some comic pages.
-Was in a Halloween party.
-Watched Batman Brave and the bold episodes: Malicious Mr. Mind!, Long arm of the law! and MITEFALL! (the ending almost got me crying)

I also alked to one of me mates, looked at my fellow students works, ate a bit, showered and read some comic book pages.

That`s all so far.

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