tiistai 12. marraskuuta 2013

Poor ones Grant Morrison.

I know a man (though he is of the age that many don`t consider a mans age).

He is a man with great ideas.

Whose imagination is rich.

Who has hunreds of stories and thousands of ideas in his mind.

He makes up strange words.

He is slightly iconoclastic.

His stories are quick paced.

He aims to do things besides comics.

He`s silly.

He looks for strange things in the world to use as references.

He thinks the world is amazing place.

He has amazing ideas about the universe. Universes.

He wants to add metafictional elements to his stories.

He`s witty. Alot of the time.

He loves comics of the 60`s, 40`s, 70`s, 50`s. 


Movies that he likes.





He`s a poor ones Grant Morrison. Pales before him.

But different in many ways. A weaker version of him. In a few ways, equally great in a different way.

His personality is similar to the mans, while being pretty different.  

He makes stories fast. But doesn`t make them in abundance.

He wants more than fife panels per page, to comics he makes.

He`s emphatic and uncaring.

He hasn`t experienced a lot of strange happenings yet. He hopes he shall.

He wants to publish humongous books, instead of humongous storylines split to various individual chapters, collected to mags.

He wants to illustrate most of his stories.

He hasn`t gotten started yet.

Too many of his ideas aren`t new.

He doesn`t know enough. But knows alot.

He doesn`t read as many prose books.

He`s not idiosyncratic. At least, not yet.

He doesn`t know if he`s as dedicated as Grand Morrison, though.

He`s still ashamed of himself. But not as horribly as so many.

He`s not as awesome as Morrison, he says. Not as brilliantly smart.

I know him. For reals.

Who do I mean?

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