torstai 21. marraskuuta 2013

Let me give to you, a mite advice.

Whenever you can`t bring yourself in to making a it prose, a movie script, comic...

Read something from your faf storytellers. Or listen. Or watch.

Or read something about THEM. Or watch. Or listen.

Read about what a fucking tough, awesome and warm person JACK KIRBY (for example) was (Can`t believe I hadn`t wrote a tag for him before this post. I`m such a dick.). Though, he was slapped down by the world too often.

Read some thoughts of Grant Morrison (Can`t believe how many entries I`ve tagged HIS name to, so far.).

And hey, why not also your idols you can actually meet more easily? Your family*, friends, faf characters, an occasional passerby with a cool story to tell, a folk singer who`s having a free concert nearby etc. etc.

Another cure is to simply think about stories you want to tell. Or simply think things that interest you. About nuclear weapons that spread love, planets in a necklace, a girl who wants to see his daddy, a stroll in the park, 120 humorous comic strips starring an angry clown, an audio book that collects 40 poems...

I don`t want the world to be filled with too many stories. If it is, so many will be so awesome that everyone should read them. Who has time for that shit?! Besides, they have alot of weak points, probably. That`s just human nature.

But it`s not my call to say, that you should not to make stories if you wanna. Nobody elses either. Sometimes I think so, but those thoughts are diminished by my inactions. In this case, it`s a good thang.

So...I guess I lost the point I was trying to point out.

*=I don`t show them nearly enough respect and love. Partly because I reside a over 200 km:s away from them, now. Same goes for most of my friends. I should live more. I should show my greatfulness towards my important ones, more. I should help out strangers (which is a leniant term) more. Should quit being too selfish, learn to be more selfish in a good way, eat great stuff, travel to other lands, get to know anybody, get to dangers, survive from them, be stronger, be weaker just for the sake of being rebellious (that seems to be a common enough theme for me, these days), spend all my money whil not spending it at all, make 400 pages of comics a year and be less of a bidepal shit creature. This is what I should do, and if you do the same or some of the forementioned things, so should you.

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