keskiviikko 27. marraskuuta 2013

I made these today.

Petteri Tikkanen (who is in his not-that secret identity, Black Peider), a Finnish professional comic maker, has been teaching in Liminka. He`s awesome. Though, we do have different opinions about certain aspects of Jack Kirbys best comics (he likes the Lee/Kirby-years the best, I like the ones that came afterwards). No matter. We both like him.

He drew this to me.

Extremely well drawn. Especially `cause that`s not the style he uses all the time.

I made to him, this one in return.


I has some similarities with an image by the legend himself...

Mine sucks. So I made this one, too.

For some damned reson, he likes both. I gave him both.

Funny, it`s almost like Etrigan would be wearing a turtleneck.

Other stuff...

You take some white stuff, that`s name I don`t know in english (akvarell-like white repair lacquer, but in a tube, just like the ones that have akvarells inside `em).
Then you let it dry.
Cover the paper (which should probably be of the kind, that`s used when making water colored pictures) with water proof ink.
Let it dry.
Rinse the white stuff off with water.
Let it dry...

Made to "Poor mans scratchboard" as Petteri put it.
Which means, that you take a contact paper, run it trough an old fashioned (meaning, circa 90`s) printer, have it spray alotta ink to it`s surface (to a smaller area in the center, in this case), and then scratch that ink, to make pictures.
If you don`t know what scratchboard is...

I thought the first one to be not-that-dynamic. Hence, the more dynamic version. And, because Petteri thought I should... 

I "inverted" the image using Photoshop. I like this one better, because the fuzziness looks more appropriate. Still, I`m also a fan of negative images.

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