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She listened to the music.

In her small home town in Poland, in her room. 

She felt power and mad joy take her over.

She started to run.

Her speed increased by the second. Soon she had passed the pyramids of Egypt.

Then, fife seconds later, the Niagara falls.

Then, the Tower of Pisa.

She circled the Earth a hundred times in ten minutes.

Soon it took fife.

She smiled and laughed maniacally. She had goosebumps, but had never felt warmer.

She ran up the 11. highest mountain in the face of the Earth, Gasherbrum I.

Then she was in space.

She started to run in the vacuum of it. In a minute, she passed Mars.

In two, the galaxy.

In seconds, galaxies.

In no time at all...




The places beyond them.

The super atoms.

The god minds of planes that are creatures, who are bigger than anything.

The emptiness.

End of everything.

It`s beginning.

She looked at it all.

She saw everyone and everything in proportions that can`t be described adequately in any terms. Saw everything in size so small and so big. Mathematically, infinite infinity times itself 9 times. Or bigger.
She started to weep, because it was so beautiful.

She loved to be.

Then the song ended.

She was sitting in the chair of her room.

She wiped the tears from her cheeks, smiled, and was thankful for her imagination.

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