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Saga of the robotic mango-man. Part 5: In what, some bonding between an apparatus and a human being takes place.

At last, part 5. Sure took my sweet time, didn`t I? But honestly, how many actually care? Probably two (me and Ponsonby Britt). And hopefully a certain third one, who wanted me to write more stories of the robot dude who this epic tale tells about.  

`Twas the third morning after a shooting incident, and a hospital room was quiet...
Well, not really.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!! Oh, you`re killing me Serial number!" Shriked Ekobo Jaleina.

"That wasn`t my intention." Stated Serial number, cleverly.

"HAHAHAHAH!!!" She laughed again, which you probably noticed. Obviously, she had healed quite nicely indeed, because she didn`t feel any pain at all, while her sides were splitting open with laughter. Then again, a humongous dose of pain killers helped extremely well, I suppose.

"I recommend you not to laugh yourself to death Ekobo. It would make me inconveniently unhappy. You wouldn`t want me to experience strong negative feelings, right?"

"Of course not." She said, a wide smile resting on her face, because the smile had just had a rough few hours. You see, the smiles daughter had told the smile, that he is a disappointment. But let`s not keep digressing from the actual story. For now.

There was a pause.

"I`ve noticed how you`re very different from many overweight female individuals of your species. That you seem to be more proud. I know that many of them are comfortable with how they are. You said that you are too. But there`s something else, too. What, exactly?" Inquired nro.

Ekobo said:

"Well, I didn`t want to tell you this when we first met, because I hardly knew ya, and you hadn`t saved my life yet.
I`m protesting."

"Such behaviour usually requires being loud about something, as far as I know. For example, about killing all the descendant of inuits*, who were dragged in to North America, and made in to slaves. Or to stop testing heroin on animals. Maybe even carrying banners of some sort." Stated the thingamabob (it means machine, as you probably guessed).

"Not necessarily." Said Ekobo.

Another pause.

"Remember the fat I sucked out of you? I analyzed it. You have no hormonal over activity that makes you adipose. You said that you have that."

Ekobo was quiet for a moment.

"That`s how I protest.

I was sick of looking at this horrible culture that makes us larger women seem less attractive. In adverts, tv, movies...real life.

I had some extra pounds before I made myself this big.  Back then I wanted to get rid of  `em, and worked my butt of to do so. But it was difficult. And I saw how some anorectic jerks treated those who were a bit plumb. Or even bigger. And I thought...I have to do this.

And this is who I am now." Ekobo concluded.

"Do you feel that you have accomplished your goal by doing so?"

"No. Frankly, very often I wish I hadn`t done that. I tried to stop at some point, but I had become addicted to food. How friggin tragic, eh?
But, that`s what you get for being stupid."

Serial number thought for a few seconds. Then he uttered:


"I...suppose..." Said Ekobo, wondering if she should be angry about his newfound friends comment, or not.

"After you recover, we`re going to get you back in to shape."

Ekobo was startled at numbers impulsive decision.


"Indeed we shall. If you wish to."

"I...I do."


NEXT: The biggest loser.
*Yeah, things were a bit different, regarding Apartheid, in this universes Earth.

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