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Akilles presents...


It was a pretty unordinary day. Birds were in flames, buildings had crumbled to dust, adult dragons the size of dogs were eating bones of Nat King Cole and Thomas Jefferson, who had fought an epic battle in the metaphysical ruins of Louvre, that had ended to the demise of both men...
The global civilization of humans was ending, no matter how unbeliavable it might seem. In the year 2019, fife years after WWIII had humbly begun, and eventually escalated to ridiculous proportions, world of humans (but not Planet Earth) was starting to end. The complete annihilation was only 8 days away...Countdown starts now...


He was sitting. Aching, tired, in the brink of depression. Our nameless protagonist. He looked at the city that use to be something more than wreckage, a few years ago, where he use to live in. He thought about his parents, sister, his then 15 year old boyfriend, his friends, his bullies, his grandma...who had all died in the war. He didn`t cry. He was numb.

He twiddled his thumbs. He wanted to sleep. Couldn`t. He sat next to a martians Steampunky, three legged exo skeleton. It contained a rotting corpse of a martian and a dog. None of the weapons were useful anymore. He would`ve slept with a WOMAN to get a weapon of theirs. And he would´ve put effort to it.

He thought about how messed up he had become, to think that.

He sat there for a few minutes more. Then he walked to somewhere else.  He had no idea why he had decided to come back here. He hoped to find water, food...maybe another human being, with whom to spend some time with. Maybe even travel with. It might increase his chance for survival. He still had a pathetic amount of hope, that everything would turn out swell.

He walked, sometimes resting, for six more hours. Then he slept as long.


It walked on. It rotted everything in its path, with its presence. It walked on.


He woke up. It was almost noon. He walked off from his shelter, which was inside a fallen space station (No non-Earthlings inside. There was a rare, recently born species of fungus there, though. He stayed away of it, just in case.). He thanked god that he was still in a somewhat quiet area. He returned to his shelter, to wait for the weather to cool off.

After a few hours, he continued his journey to nowhere.

At approximately four o` clock, he found a fairly eatable plant (lord knows how it had got there, in to the middle of a desert of pink sand). It had begun to turn in to something not eatable at all. Good that the crisis had made him stronger. Because otherwise he would`ve puked it out after eating it. He drank very little of pretty cold, drinkable water that he carried in his bag. There wasn`t much left, and he was nervous because of it. He goed on, to look for it.

It started to get cold, when night came. He put on a warm jacket, kept moving, and admired the stars.

Eventually, he fell asleep again.

He woke up to a shock. A deformed Jackal from an alternate dimension was trying to kill him. Our unnamed hero beat it to a pulp. He wondered if he should eat it. He didn`t. He didn`t have anything to make a fire out of. He fell asleep again, after 40 minutes.


It walked on. It rotted everything in its path, with its presence. It walked on.


He looked for water.

He found none.


It walked on. It rotted everything in its path, with its presence. It walked on.


He woke up. He cried. He reminisced about the days when he was bored at school. When he felt that nobody understood him. When he had troubles with his boyfriend. All the times when he felt guilty for not helping the world. All the times when he had wanted a new computer, but his father told him to pay for it himself, which pissed off our hero. Every time he had wished to get away from the boring life he led.
He remembered the good times, too.

He wanted it back. No matter how boring or miserable his life mighta become...he prayed god...let this be a fucked up coma dream...please...

He knew that he would die. He was happy that he had at least told his family that he`s gay, before they were killed by horseflys.

He stood up...No, not gonna give up yet, he thought.

He walked...staggered...

He tried to find water. Food. A companion.

Then dehydration felled him.

He saw all the important moments of his life pass by, in front of his eyes.  

Then the moments ended for a moment, and he saw a dark cowled figure with a scythe.

He greeted the figure. He hadn`t seen the figure (in its personified form) for a long while. He stood up. He saw his beautiful body that had been ravaged by the world. It was laying in the sand. He spoke with the cowled figure, and all the necessary formalities were done. Then the figure stepped aside, to do other business.

The young man met his friends, family and dearest acquaintances again. He felt great. Healthy. Happy. He was eating a fudge icecream. All of them walked to an unknown place that they knew better than anything.


It walked on. It rotted everything in its path, with its presence. It walked on.


It walked beside the corpse of the unknown protagonist. The corpse rotted. Everything rotted. It walked on. It was a hulking, yellow figure. It was smooth. Had no signifying features. Everything turned black and 30 % smaller behind it. No matter what it was. Mountains, supermarkets, tiny crashlanded planets, coke bottles, indestructible objects, souls that were left behind, water, concepts, athmosphere.

It walked on, closer to the edge of the place from where it began its journey, 8 months ago. Deadline for its work neared. It picked up the pace, and from that point on walked 67 % faster. Couldn`t walk faster.


It met a battallion of fit women and men who tried to kill it, for revenge. The bullets, lazers, missiles and famines fired at it, died. The battallion, that also had a deformed jackal from an alternate universe, with a tail of a dinosaur, died too. Their souls managed to escape in time.
It walked on. As you probably guessed.
It got to the point where it had started from, six hours before the deadline ended. The last, feeble area of something not yet black, grew deceased. It sat down. Waited.


After the six remaining hours had passed, and after it had looked at its work. Looked okay, could be better, it thought.

Its boss appeared. Congratulated on a job well done. It thanked its boss. They left, the boss gave it a little piece of tin. Not enough big a prize for all the work, but whatyagonnado.
Earth was black in its surface now. Even inside some caves. Only 5 humans were still alive, in caves where it hadn`t got to, because something that it couldn`t destroy, had stopped it from getting to those ones. They died after two weeks.


After a thousand years, the leftover germ population grew strong enough. Evolution created multicelled organisms to Earth, once again. After 10 thousand years, Earths core and athmosphere healed. Alien and Earthlian germs crossbreeded. New species were born. Millions of years passed. A new race of humans was born. They weren`t very different from Homo Sapiens Sapiens.   

This story is licensed under creative commons ATTRIBUTION. 
Which means, that you can use the story in any way (for example, make it a part of your story continuum), distribute it in any way and if you really want, make money out of it. As long as you:

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