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Grant Morrison should`ve added THIS to his Batman-saga, too.

From Comicvine.

Pigeon person.

Pigeon person.

Pigeon person.

Pigeon. Person.

Pigeon PERSON.


Honestly...Come on.

Pigeon person?

Pigeon person...

Pigeon woman isn`t fine? She demands to be called Pigeon PERSON.


Robin didn`t even call her Pigeon girl! Isn`t THAT what she shoulda been more offended by!? I mean, it`s stupid too, but since that was made in the 70`s, I can understand that the peer pressure created by those who didn`t want to be called girls was so overpowering.

But, obviously, this Pigeon...(Rubs forehead as a sign of being overpowered by the bizarness of the topic) Pigeon person is a feminist. Which at least makes it realistic.

I don`t have a big problem with them. Aside from them being irritating very often... 

But honestly, not calling someone a woman or a man, but a person instead, whan there`s no need for that...Ludicrous.

Then again, maybe it would be wiser if everybody would be persons. Not men or women. concept-wise, that is.


But I just don`t believe in it. Also, I probably wouldn`t like to call everyone persons all the time.


Hm. Do I take a hilarious-because-it`s-so-dumb comic, that partially makes fun of feminists (unless, of course, the writer believed in that stuff), too seriously. This one part of it, that is.

A bit. Just a bit. Everything should be taken seriously. But, everyone should also laugh at everything. But, just like I don`t agree that everyone should be called persons, everybody doesn`t agree with me about that.


This is such an absurd and hilarious comic strip!!! The thoughts I got from it are absurd and hilarious!


Birds that are able to lift objects that are probably 90,000 % heavier than they are!

Unhealthy (because of all the moisturizer shit or whatevers pumped in to them) cakes stopping crime time after time, with pretty much EVERYONE being fine with it!

Batman saying the word Pigeon person with a straight face!

An awesome villain called Pigeon person!

 Awful puns that still make you smile! Probably!

A full lenght adventure in the space of one page, with great art!

That`s better than what you get from a comic that can be taken seriously!

Even a good comic!

All those comics...Walking dead, Batman written by Scott Snyder..Those comics that I actually like that fit that mold...

THEY ALL PALE IN COMPARISON! These are masterpieces! Comics in their most purest, greatest form possible! Utter insanity!
Those who made these had too much fun...

Check out or for more of these.

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