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A story about things in life that happened to someone. Chapter 6: The plot moves forward again.

It was raining outside. It was cold Autumn rain. Tori looked at it inside her apartment, where it was warm. She was tired.
"I have to go to work again..." She thought.
"So boring...But I have to do that, `cause all you need is money..." She muttered to herself.
It was 07:08. She put on her rain coat, took her bag full of stuff ( Like keys, lunch, wallet, makeup-bag, beer (in this universe, beer isn`t alcohol. Instead, it`s medicine that helps to get over common cold, which is deadly in this universe, but easily treated.) etc.) and goed outside the door. She started up her moped, and drove by the slippery road to work.

Chrisso was still sleeping.
Tori came to her workplace, where she did her normal routines. Soon it was 11:00.

Chrisso woke up. He made breakfest, ate and drank it, read comics, paused for a moment to think what his next travel diary could be about, and then watched TV. Then it was suddenly 15:37, and he goed to a walk outside, where the rain had stopped. He looked at the fallen leafs, that had already started to compose
That`s the thing with leafs in this universe. If they`re not connected to a tree, they will melt. Become water. He walked next to the puddles, `cause he didn`t want his feet to get wet. Kids played in the puddles, and accidently splashed water to Chrissos pants.
"Hey! Watch out!"
"Sorry!" Said one of the kids, and continued to play in the water.
"Huff..." Said Chrisso, almost smiling.
He walked on, and saw a group of people. They were shouting (of course):
"Down with the tax! Down with the tax!"
Chrisso was interested, and walked to the group.
"What are you protesting against?"
"The proposition to tax everyone of course*." Said one of the protesters, and rolled her eyes.
"But why? I mean, it`s not all that much money, that you have to pay."
"Remember that the one who proposed the tax, was Joaguin Foatheswield..."
"Yeah well, he can`t be that bad. Right?"
Everyone stared at him, and he knew that they were thinking:
"You don`t believe that yourself, either." Said one of the starers.  
Chrisso stared at them, too.
"Actually, I don`t." Said Chrisso.
"Then join us." Said someone.
"Why did you say, "actually, I don`t"?" Said someone. No-one answered to her.
"Okay!" Shouted Chrisso, with determination. He started to shout with the others (but not at the same pace as others):
"Down with the tax! Down with that...the tax!"
They all shouted in front of the town hall. The people inside wore mufflers on their ears, and worked on tedious papers, and a few of them were meant to make the all-tax legal...

It was 16:09. Tori got away from work. It was a bit dark already. She drove thru the still soaked streets of Little Virgina culch village. She drove home, where she instantly sat to the the red armchair. She didn`t want to do anything else except lie in that armchair for a while. And while she did, she started to think:
"This place is a mess again. I should clean up. And I should also do my exercises. And stop eating junkfood. Oh Krau ( Krau is the god of Mutrilan-hymengelesists, the second largest religious group of this universes Earth ), I`m so tired..."
And so on.
She opened the television. She watched a show that involved crocodiles, cleaning utensils, lobster painting and a hermaphrodite. She thought that it was lousy. It was. She decided to call to Chrisso. And she did.

Chrisso was still shouting in the crowd. It had started to rain again, but only a little. Then he heard his phone ring. He looked who was calling, and got out of the crowd. He answered:
"Hey Chrisso. I don`t have the onion-marsmallow dip, and I can`t find it anywhere**."
"Oh. That`s too bad. Well, when are you gonna get the next package?" Asked Chrisso.
"Sometime next tuesday."
"What`s all that shouting?" Asked Tori.
"Oh right, I`m part of a crowd, protesting against that new tax-proposal. Wanna join us?"
"Well...sure. Where is it held?"

Tori drove her moped to the town hall, and parked near the crowd. She walked to the crowd, and saw Chrisso, who was standing away from the crowd a little bit, so Tori would notice him.
"Hi Tori."
"Hi. Let`s go."
And so they goed.
"So, what do we do here?" Asked Tori.
"We shout the slogan. It`s: down with the tax."
"That`s pretty boring. Couldn`t we make up a snappier one?"
"I don`t know if they want a snappier one."
A middleaged woman next to them said: "Hey don`t stop shouting!"
"I haven`t even started." Said Tori.
"What?!"  The woman couldn`t hear from all the shouting.
"I don`t think I want to shout slogans! They don`t do any good, anyhow!"
Chrisso was slightly baffled of Toris sudden change of mind.
"Well if you think so, sod off!" Shouted the woman.
"Sod off, yourself ! You fu-"
Chrisso yanked her away, and walked out of the crowd with her. He was pissed.
"And stay out, you Fothesfield-voter!" Yelled the woman, still.
"What`s the matter with you, you old hag!?" Tori spit the words out of her mouth.
"Oh please, don`t make this worse." Said Chrisso, with a low voice.

They had a fight.
"Why did you change your mind so quicly!?"
"Because..." Tori paused.
"...I think that Joaquin Fotheswield should be killed."
Chrisso was baffled as fuck.
"I honestly think so." Said Tori. 
Chrisso was thinking about how wrong all of this is.
"Did you know that his political actions have caused the deaths of 50 000 people?"
"..." Chrisso was planning to say something, but didn`t.
Tori said nothing, and wasn`t planning to say anything until Chrisso had said what he wants to.
He knew that she was serious. He simply knew.
"I think that we shouldn`t see eachother anymore. I can`t do it. What you wanna do. "
"Goodbye, then."
She walked away. Chrisso stood there.
The two didn`t meet eachother for 8 months

NEXT: The last chapter in this godawful story.

**Onion-marshmallow dip is a popular dip in this storys universe (universe 657893). It can only be bought, because only the best dip-makers in the world can actually make it eatable. If someone finds out that he/she/it can make that dip, it/she/he must immediately inform of it to the nearest police-officer. If the one who knows how to make the dip doesn`t do so, he/it/she will be captured once it is found out. And it is ALWAYS found out.

* In this universe, only those with enough money to live, get taxed.

This story is licensed under creative commons ATTRIBUTION. 
Which means, that you can use the story in any way (for example, make it a part of your story continuum), distribute it in any way and if you really want, make money out of it. As long as you:

AttributionYou must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

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