tiistai 13. elokuuta 2013

So, I`m at this new school...

The art school of Liminka (a small town/village near Oulu).

I`m supposed to be learning how to make better comics. So far, I haven`t. Then again, this is only my second day here.

People are nice ( Eccentric, too, since most of them are young people. But mostly because they`re artists. ) but I don`t feel like I`m part of the group yet.

I`m drawing more stuff again, because it feels appropriate. Given the surroundings.

I have money that I spend on food, necessities and eventually, comics.  I feel that I should pay my phone bills (which aren`t gigantic) isntead of my parents. They`re handling ( at least half of ) the school related bills. Over 4000 euros a year, which is rather cheap. I may have more money on my bank account than your average student ( I don`t know if that`s true, actually), but not that much. 

It`s very peaceful, here. I live in one of the student dormitories.

Yeah. That`s all.

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