tiistai 27. elokuuta 2013

An unpublished text of mine.

I wrote this piece of text in 2011. Meant to expand it, kinda forgot about it. I stumbled upon it today, again. I understood that I `ve improved as a writer, as a thinker. But not much.
"Comics are worse, than they use to be ten years ago."
"That previous issue of Superman I read was ****."
"Comics are terrible these days."

Have you ever heard, or said those things? Possibly. If you have, read this article. Or don`t.
Let me tell you something. Comics aren`t worse than they were 10 years ago. Or 20-70 years. It just seems that way, because that`s the way that human mind works.
We are always trying to see things some way, aren`t we? Yep. Well, alot of humans (for example, me) see things pessimistically (though, I do see thing positively too). That`s why, it may be that pessimistic comicreaders think that most comics are terrible, because they often read a few awesome comics, and notice bad or mediocre comics everywhere else. This is an illusion. I can`t prove it with charts because:
A) It`s a matter of opinions. In many cases, unfortunately.
B) Most of the possible readers of this article wouldn`t care a flys cells worth of charts.
But I`m sure that it is one. After all, the world can`t globally go to utter tradegy. Therefore, comics can`t either. There are times when certain comic series (Spider-man, Batman...) may have terrible stories after another. But it`s just a phase, that will fade away. Eventually the stories will get really good again. Or good. Or magnificent.

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