keskiviikko 31. heinäkuuta 2013

This is what I`ve been doing.

So, I went to Saana-tunturi (second highest apex on Finlands soil) with my family. The car trip there was unpleasant, but not horrible. It took over fife hours, or something like that. I don`t like long car traps at all. I mean, I can`t even read comics or books for long without getting sore in the head. But, that`s a common problem with about anyone.  

This is the bloke I meant ( The very old story by Sami-people goes, that Saana use to be a giant who froze (with his family) so deeply that he isn`t able to move anymore. Erosion has reformed him for thousands of years, and now he resembles a giant rock.). He`s much bigger than it looks like in this pic. About 1029 kilometres (roughly 2/3 of a mile) tall. But the route to the top is over three km.

We stayed here when we wanted to. My sis took the pic. This is all you`re gonna see of it. So, if a cabin enthusiast stumbles upon this funny little corner in the Internet some day, that cabin enthusiast shall be sorely disappointed.

Saana is conveniently close to the border of Norway and Finland (and Sweden), so we ventured 50 km (31 miles, you lazy-ass fools who don`t want to learn the metric system), and goed to the village of Skibotn. Behold these beautiful sights, that got me quiet because...well, that`s all fucking majestic, isn`t it?

Too bad I missed an episode of House to see them. Well, I can check that episode out from somewhere else. Very soon, I hope.

Look how clear the water is there.

The water is the mix of salt water and sweet water. Sweet water gets to the ocean (ARCTIC ocean, that isn`t so cold in that particular part of the globe) from the mountains. I tasted both.

That`s me. I look sexy, don`t I? Oh yeah. Put me to the cover of a porn magazine for women or men ASAP.

This is a hostile rapid.

Okay, okay, here`s another pic for those who like cottages very very much.

Here`s another pic of you-know-what.

And ANOTHER one. Looked a bit bigger at this point. That`s my sis and dad there, by the way. Mom isn`t in the pic, logically.

Some tunturi/fell birch`s.

Some moss and other flora. There`s rocks too, in case you did not notice, or don`t know what they look like ( If it`s the former, they`re those gray things. Brown stuff is ground/hardened mud. ).

That`s another fell.

And another one. I had already climbed upwards Saana.

Some of its terrain. I took of my socks and shoes `cause I like the way ground and rock feels.

Cool views.

From the very top of it, I got this pic. That part of  it was full of people, who annoyed me by simply being there.

I goed to another peak ( Where I "shouldn`t" had been, because I might`ve trampled something very rare. I`m 98 % sure I didn`t. I shall know for sure after I die, I guess.), away from those pesky humans. I attempted to get some kind of connection with nature (most of the climbers didn`t try that). I did, a bit.

Lookit those stairs! They don`t reach all the way to the top, mind you. I like that.

Oh, those guys? Some random peeps.

Another fell that ain`t Saana.

Well, that`s it. I climbed on top of Saana (teeheheheheheeeeeeh...). It wasn`t as difficult as I thought it would be, at first. Not as easy as I thought it would be, when I saw it. It was there on the middle ground. Sun shone, it was very hot at times, I felt freedom to an extent and enjoyed it. Then I climbed down, which wasn`t as easy as I expected it to be, but not as bad either.

Later that day I freshened up in a lake, drank very clear water, bought a very little amount of sweet wine, drank it, ate sweets, talked on the phone with a friend of mine, watched Mythbusters and read Fantastic four-stories. Then I slept, was woken up at 8 AM by my dad, ate breakfast, finished things up and goed to another god awfully long, pretty awful car trip. But at least I slept (or "slept") thru most of it. I`ll have to do that more often during them. Makes travelling so much more enjoyable.

Here`s a bonus moment.

Phew! That was a tedious presentation. Or was it? You be the judge, okay? Okay.

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