sunnuntai 7. heinäkuuta 2013

My bucket list (I like the name/word bucket list) from the year 2013.

So...52 things I wanna do before I croak, in no special order.
  1. Make a list of my 100 faf comics of all time. May take years...
  2. Work with every writer I`d like to work with (like Pertti Jarla and Stan Lee). The number of writers is...I dunno. Over a hundred? Or more? Well, maybe not with everyone, then...
  3. Travel around the world, and stay for a while in various countries. Enjoy them, too.
  4. Learn German. Maybe not supremely, though. 
  5. Dive in foreign, beautiful places.
  6. Get undeniable proof that Heaven, Hell and all that stuff exists.
  7. Eat foods I haven`t eaten before, that taste fantastic.
  8. Not get a food poisoning of them.
  9. Not get a food poisoning of anything (probably can`t achieve this).
  10. Have sex more than once.
  11. Die of old age.
  12. Save a life. Or more than one.
  13. Find a dame who I love, and with who I wanna spend rest of my life with.
  14. Meet some of or all of my faf comics makers, or at least get written letters and autographs (and drawings) from them.
  15. Sky dive.
  16. Make about...1000-6000 pages (or more) of published comics during my life, and get money for it. Reasonably.
  17. Make those comics be worthwhile.
  18. Make sure that my relatives will give me the funeral I want. Not the kind that they think I want.
  19. Become less of an a-hole, but still be as interesting as I`m these days. Hmmmmmm...not possible.
  20. Read every good and great comic done thus far. Maybe even buy them.
  21. Plant more than one tree.
  22. Grow a spine. Good that I`m working on that already.
  23. Use that spine.
  24. Listen to music I haven`t heard before.
  25. Be fine with my past.
  26. Make an animation movie. Wouldn`t be long. Maybe a few minutes. Maybe even half an hour. Also, I can`t do it alone. Not possible.
  27. Start listening to audio tapes.
  28. Speak for their behalf.
  29. Act in a theater. Maybe more than once. A hobby, you see.
  30. Have small roles in animated movies, as a voice actor. The bigger parts, I`ll leave those for pros.
  31. Write prose books. Maybe books that consist of short stories.
  32. Make an album. Musical one, of course. Sing in it. Will sound godawful, if it shall be made.
  33. Work on awesome characters that someone else (who is still alive) created.
  34. Be on a helicopter.
  35. Make my comics different from each other story-, lettering-, coloring-, size-, paper-and design wise.
  36. See the Seventh seal (movie).
  37. Read every goddamn blog post in Everyday is like wednesday, my faf blog thus far.
  38. Spend more time in the nature.
  39. Make great food.
  40. Eat that food.
  41. Go listen to stand up comedy.
  42. See all kindsa animals.
  43. Spend less time on computer.
  44. Live somewhere where I love to live, for as long as possible. Maybe there`s more o` those places.
  45. Write songs that will be published.
  46. Climb to a mountain.
  47. Make a 24-hour comic.
  48. Go camping (tents and stuff).
  49. Use all of my faf characters in my stories. Even if they`d get simple chameos.
  50. Live economically. But not too economically.
  51. Make all ages-stories. 
  52. Actually help those in dire situations.

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