sunnuntai 7. heinäkuuta 2013

Hunred sentences.

Never give up till your face dries of and dies.

Never back down unless you have to pee in the shrouds.

Always look out for the looker outs.

Hopefully in other mind we shall see a world cloud.

Testament your property that doesn`t lie down.

Hyperactivate you hyperventilation hypermen.

Be glad that you`re not dead.

Enjoy the life that ye lead.

Well, maybe you don`t have to.

But maybe you should.

This is my 100. blog entry here.

So many thoughts scattered around a corner in the internet.

Intellectual property is a nice word.

I do hope that whenever feeling down she`ll walk upright till the sobbing stops.

I do not wish for genocides.

But I hope that people would behave.

But not too politely, or world would be dull.

I know it can not happen though, imperfectness is in our genes.

Let that not bother you though, instead simply strive to be a bit better.

Or maybe that`s just idealistic stupidity of me, to ask for that.

The sentence is death!

Says Judge Death.

Yeah, that`s right, were on a completely different topic, now.

I should eat.

I shall eat.

Be right back.

Here I am.

I told in exchange, never to hear your expense.

In of Irelaaaaaaaand!!!!!!!!!

We shall soon know the identity of the never existing fairy dairy.

Oh my, oh yours, what can this quite positively possibly never ever hopefully somehow be?!

Obliquely yours, baby darling.

This might just be a forever however existing math problem with anynowhatever kind of voice of imperfect harmony.


Gutenaftunghen main froindling!

We`re approaching the critical mass.

Pack his packs and dance like rats!

Intersexuality has always been a bit howdoyoudoing?

Marilyn Monroe of the year 5600.

Beware the allmighty JABBERWOK!

Oh my, is it not noon already?

My brain feel like cheese what spork oh iihg guufd.

It`s comics!

You`re gonna die.

You`re gonna live.

I love you.

I love you not.

Frogs killing time, when the rain looks like them.

All of this is nonsense!

125, calling 125!

Marcos Martin is awesome.

Javier Pulido, too.

SAXFS shfjsdm SDIDJEFoeǥd fF Ids djfjef fjd!!!?!!!

This is more difficult than I thought.

In the edge of the center of madness.

Are you there papa?

He felt sad.

This can`t be real.

Still he felt sad.

I want Disney to stop being evil.

Not possible at all.

I severed my own hand, goddammit!!!!

God answered in delight:

"I`m not that bad."

125, CALLING 125!!!

Tirelessly tire machines forever tipped their scales to the ground zero meters ending.

Have sex with me honey.


Said his wife.

Sighity sigh.

Said the husband.

Lemon curry?

All play and no work makes Jack a poor boy.

I don`t hate you.

Please don`t kill me...

I don`


That`s a riot!

Mitä ihmettä sinä teit!?

I am Iron man!


COoperation man!

He can save us!

Actually, CO-man`s actually a woman...


I had no idea.

Of course you didn`t.

Diversity is boring, sometimes.

How many?


Then she/he died.

Draw the first line.

I love icecream.

Lookalike concerts prevail.

It was the year 0, and nothing happened.

This is the number 95.

The rocket launches after 50003859347239 seconds.

Wait for me!

Plus minus zero.

Thanks for your attention.

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