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The saga of the robotic mango-man. Part 3: A dream sequence.

Serial nro. 456805345 sat in a desk in a cave of a Batman, drinking tea. It tasted like nothing. He liked it. 

He wasn`t in the cave of bats full of computers and stuff, no longer. He was in a tent in a desert. The sand was frozen blood. Frozen blood came from a corpse. A corpse of a statue. Nro spoke to it.

"How are you doing." 

"I`m tired. Pass me the gravy." Said the statue that had Japanese letters engraved to it.

Serial nro. removed its head, held it by his ear, and poured the rose gravy from his mouth. Its vision was still in the place where it was before the removing. The gravy poured on to the big statue. She mumbled:

"I`m going to fall asleep now, and never wake up. I feel sad. Am I gonna be a mincemeat?" 

Serial nro. took the dead woman statue that didn`t have any weight at all. It ran on top of floating mountains in the sky, jumping from atop them. Serial nro. was bigger than them. 

He threw the statue at a little boy eating an iced cream on top of a mountain. Boy died. 

Our organic mechanism protagonist was wearing a trench coat now. It was full black. Had a hat on, the robot. Was in the presence of a reel of French movie (Poil de carotte).  

"I like that band...Neomutaorganic slimebucket festival orgy handicap youth center intoxicated apex addicted rictor verticality machineries who`ve never felt true happiness but should always find a bright side from everything that hands atop them like the sword of Damokles. Have you heard them." Asked the reel, without a question mark at the end of the sentence.

"I detest music." Said the robot.

"Why?" Asked the movie.

"I`m a robot, that`s why." 

Ate liquorice, the reel. It threw up because of doing so. It cried. 

"I can`t cry...I can cry, but I can`t, shouldn`t cry...Why should I not? Who says I can`t? Me. Sad."

"Lemon curry?" Said someone.

He was someone else now. A woman. Bleeding on the wall of some place. She was shot. The woman who had shot her ran away. Serial nro. saw herhimself from a bird perspective. Saw a luscious formed/obese Japanese originated woman.   

Robot was about to die. Robot woke up.

"I have to save her." The robot said. It sat on a bus stop. It was 6:09 in the morning.  It ran towards the barber shop.

Next: An action scene and its aftermath.


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