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Journey to the sun-review.

Not the movie. The book.

It`s a prose book that contains Chinese folk tales. Hence the full name: Journey to the sun: Folk tales from China ( Fourth series). None of the tales star gods of any kind, which I find dissapointing. It does have at least one god and one devil.
The book has 140 mostly full pages of stories (if you also count the covers and rest of the pages, it has 152 of `em), with a few full-page illustrations. Those are heavily influenced by the art of the era of the stories, which is undefines, but certainly placed dozens of hunreds of years before. my faf is a pic in what a dragon holds a knife.

For the fans of pages chronicling the contents of the book one is reading, there is one of those pages too.
It has 12 stories, and they`re rather quick reads, if you are good in reading English. And since it`s a pocket book, it`s ideal for carrying it around and passing the time, whenever you have nothing else to do.
I`m gonna tell a bit of the stories themselves. One of them seems like story of cinderella, at first. Then it changes radically, and I like it.

Let me spoil the story a bit. There`s a stepmother, good (stupid) girl, her parents and an evil step daughter. Parents die. Step mother becomes intolerable. One day, the good girl wants to go to a ball. Stepdaughter wont have it. Good girl is helped by a magical bird. She goes to the ball. She drops one of her shoes to the river. It`s found by a handsome, great (stupid) dude. The dude thinks that destiny wants him to marry the one, to who this shoe belongs to. He wonders whose it is. He finds the good girl and the not-that-good-girl. Then the good girl trys it on, it fits, they live happily ever after.
Okay, that was a joke.
Instead, there`s a murder, ghosts, scamming, a (stupid) kid of the good girl, weird bird soups and another murder by the (stupid) step mother. It`s fantastic.

On the lead story, a woman and her child journey to the sun. Not thru space, of course.

On another story, two men fall in love with two women that they`ve only seen once, and travel to dangerous lands to get married with them. There`s an ogress in the story.

On another one, a man wants to get crops in his village to grow. Hence, he goes on a periolous journey. He crosses a 100 mountains and 100 rivers which would be geographically possible in our world if he woulda, like, circled the whole globe or something) to find a mountain god ( Whose identity isn`t revealed. Maybe he was one of those small gods. ), so he can ask for his help. He can only give advise (which is alot, actually), to seek the evil Dragon kings residence, where there are various seeds. King changes him to a dog, and the spell can only be broken by the magic of love. Other stuff happens.
Then there`s human-dragons, other dragons, deaths, a wise but kinda dickish dude in three stories, tragic characters, more enchanted love, a mapple tree devil and whatnot.
It`s all very traditional, and you`ve surely seen almost all of this stuff in hunreds of other stories. But, that`s what happens when a story is hunreds or even thousands of years old.

So...the final verdict is: If you sight in some place and like literature, you`ll probably wanna check this out. If you`re sensible at all.

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