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Other faf tv-series.

How I met your mother
A comedy series about a dude telling his kids how he met their mother (the woman he loves), whose identity hasn`t been revealed yet. Most of the series is, therefore, flashbacks. The ironic thing is, that MOST of the series doesn`t tell about how he met their mother. Obviously. Instead, it tells about his and his three close friends lifes, full of jokes, drama, optimism and stuff like that. It`s also one of the best comedy series around.

And idiot abroad

Karl Pilkington, an English man who isn`t as idiotic as the title promises ( Not most of the time, taht is. I don`t think so, at least. ) travels around the world, having new experiences, `cause Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant say so. Sure, the guy is pretty irritating at times, but also a fun guy. It`s also very entertaing to see him do stuff, that he wouldn`t do, otherwise. And actually find new things about himself.

Gervais is an idiot in this one, though.


A Finnish, crude, comedic animation-series about fife cops in Helsinki, with broke personalities ( Neponen too, but he doesn`t show it as much ). Psychological mumbo jumbo, jokes that either crack you up or don`t, priceless characters and plots and satire about sitcoms and sometimes society and all kindsa people, with action. Was cancelled, `cause, frankly, it was about time.

Well, a few more episodes woulda been nice.

A few epiosodes are boring though. Just noting it, even if it`s obvious that it can`t be all golden.

Raising Hope

Greg Garcias newest comedy-series (seriously, I had no idea I`ve watched so many comedy series) about a poor family (Garcia likes the aspect of poor characters, which is awesome, of course. I should make up poor characters myself...) that raises a baby. It hasn`t been cancelled yet ( I`d kinda want it to last for, at least for about 6-10 more seasons, maybe, to see Hope grow).

The first episode is kick-ass.

Humorous and interesting, yes, but not as entertaining as...

My name is Earl

His (and others) previous series about a dude who use to be bad boy, and now atones his past crimes and unsavory deeds (no murders and suchlike, though). Comedy, naturally.

At first, it seemed okay to me. But, as expected, it grew on me, and I started to really like it. Because of the characters, the basic premise, plots, jokes and all that jazz.

It got cancelled before the epic final reveal that woulda concluded the series.

But, Garcia has promised, that it WILL be concluded. Maybe as a movie. I believe him. It may take more years, but it shall be made. Hopefully it`s worth it. Probably wont feel that way THAT much, since it`s the end. But that`s expected.

Extraterrestial farts


Maybe it will exist in the future, and be awesome, though.

Maybe I could create it...(with assist from more talented folks)

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