tiistai 23. huhtikuuta 2013

More fantastic stuff (well, I only mentioned two things or so) that I have to mention about Modern family.

-Teaches tolerance.

-Is pretty much always, in small ways, presented as a documentary.

-Actually goes somewhere, which I didn`t expect, for some reason.

-Is funny as hell.

-Has humane characters, for better or worse.

-Has Ed "Al Bundy" O`Neill act the Al Bundy of alternate universe, which he likes to do, apparently ( I base my deduction to this series, and an episode of 8 simple rules (a series from what I`ve seen glimpses of, maybe two episodes, just to make it clear, for some reason), in what he made a guest appearance ). Awesomesauceriino.



-Okay, all the characters.

-Surprisingly realistic.

-High quality of pictures and sound (which is a norm in TV, of course).

-Hasn`t been cancelled yet.

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