perjantai 8. maaliskuuta 2013

List of tv-series that I find great, remarkably good, fantastic and/or good.

Modern family
An actually funny sitcom. Not pretentious. Realistic. Mostly for the whole family.

Mostly pretty ordinary stuff. Still good, and sometimes it gives me that WOW-feeling I like so much. I especially like the short stories in every episode, `cause shorties rock.

The Middle
Another sitcom centered around family dynamics. Different from Modern family, but equally fantastic.

Apartment 23
An edgy comedy. The first episode was a shock. Awesome too. Then I got used to it, after the second episode. Probably `cause I`ve devoured alot of edgy stories. Great acting, cool characters, and a pretty standard one when it comes to edgy, fabulous crazy comedies. And it was cancelled mid season. Wont blame ABC, James Van Der Beek told me not to. A pretty shitty thing, though. Well, maybe it will return some day. Or night.

New girl
Tells of three guys and a young lady (played by the friggin awesome Zooey Dechanel, who has the best name ever). A sitcom (The fourth? Wow.). Jess (the "new" girl) is a masterpiece. But then again, all the other characters aren`t horrible either.

Two and a half men
The famous sitcom that has broken people, satire and borrowed/stolen elements from other sitcoms.

The big bang theory
I like it better than the previous one (`cause I`m a nerd, not a huge one though). Partly because of Sheldon, who I dislike, like and feel sorry for at the same time.

Will and Grace
Who knows what series I`m talking about here? Anyway, it tells of two straight women and two gay men. It`s a sitcom that has already been laughed out, even when it`s not funny. It`s also serious, alot of the time. It`s just so great. It was done during the time when people were starting to understand that there`s nothing bad about homosexual beings. What, we`re still living that era? It`s been about twenty after the show started (it was cancelled after 9 seasons or so), and gays are still presented as unicorns!?...the hell?
Well, the unicorns have become a bit more ordinary (in a good way), so I guess we`ve evolved on that one a bit. Anyways, check the show out.

The show that isn`t as good as the previous one, but was more popular (as the things usually go). Alotta good things about the series though.

Teen titans
I was a fan back in the day. Was cool. I`d still think so, if I`d check the series out, I would guess.

Modern Sherlock Holmes!!!! Moriarty is basically a rip-off Joker (with a bit original stuff about him), which I don`t like. It`s still very entertaining and very well done.

Justice league-and Justice league animated series
Hundreds (or dozens) of DC-characters in action filled stories. So good.

Family guy
Against: Insulting, sometimes horrible, tacky.
For: Outrageous, surprising, satiric and funny.

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