perjantai 25. tammikuuta 2013


Love is the most fundamental force in the universe. Omniverse. Most possibly. There can be nothing grander. Nothing greater. More powerful.

Love makes you dedicate your whole for someone else. Love intoxicates you, and makes you utterly happy.

Love crushes you.

Love repairs you.

You live because of love of two or more people.

Even if your dad would be a rapist who violated your mother because of sheer perverted lust, he was born out of love. Or his parents were. Or their parents. Or something like that. Therefore, you were also, indirectly born out of love.

Love for life makes us stay alive. Or fear of death. Pick either one.

Love for your fellow men and women, girls and boys, and everyone else makes you serve them. IF you serve them.

Love for yourself makes you spoil yourself.

Love for your children makes you act kindly towards them. Makes you sacrifice your life for them. Or maybe not.

You need to get love. You`ll go to dangerous lengths to get it.

If you don`t live by love, once you do, everything changes. To better, maybe.

Love make you its slave.

Love is a wonderful, good Samaritarian who dedicates itself for you.

Love is a horrible, cruel bitch who vaporizes you with mere huff of air from its lungs.

Love has lungs? Sure, why not?

It makes you disoriented, makes you only care about it, fills your brains with thoughts of it.

Makes you obsessed with it, and unhappy.

It can be found anywhere. Mating rituals, dark alleys, rain, bottom of a bottle, fiction, your dogs fecies. Close friendships, angry letters.

It can be mild. It doesn`t need to have a fuck to do with romance (you should`ve known this by now). It can be in anything, anywhere.

It attacks from a place you didn`t expect. Yet, it shouldn`t be that surprising that it is there.

Love is in the air.

Between you toes.


In this text.    

It controls us.

Let it. Because you can`t fight against it.

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