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A stream of consciousness-story. Sir Ris.

"I beg you sir...Don`t do this..."

A person in a gray, striped full body suit made of leather, replied.
"You can`t change my mind now, Fransecosnia." She said, smiling.
"Such a stunt has never been tried...You`ll get yourself killed..."
"Hahahahahahahahah! There`s no way I will. I`m too good at my job." 
"You are being too proud!"
"See you on the ground, Franse." 
Without hesitation, Sir (that`s her first name) jumped from the levitating platform. Fransecosnia (an old, fat, short man with a white beard and hair, and elaborate goggles on his nose, dressed in turquoise-grey and purple stripes) looked down. Mouth wide open, with a worried look on his face. 
Sir on the other hand, wasn`t worried at all. The fear center had been removed from her brain 5 years ago, when she was 6, you see.

Yes. Currently, she was eleven. And she was plunging trough...

                                                   A Cosmi-monster! 

Cosmi-monsters are most extraordinary of all Earth-creatures. They consist of cosmic energy, are 150 kilometers long, yet, weight only a ton (which may sound alot, but given the size of the creatures, is surprisingly little). Recent studies show that if you go trough a Cosmi-monster, awesome, unpredictable and terrible things will happen to you. 

Sir had, of course, decided to do precisely that. What`s more, she had (being a megalomaniac and the ultimate thrill seeker) decided to jump from 200 kilometers, instead of 151, which would be sensible.

In this universe, Earths atmosphere extends to 300 kilometers, from its surface. True story.  

She zoomed towards the monster. She came ever closer and closer towards the beast. She laughed excitedly, and loudly. She couldn`t hear herself all that clearly though. Only the wind gushing around her. She could see the clouds more clearly. Beneath them, would be a Cosmi-monster. After a few seconds...

...she saw it.

A vividly orange, half-formless coral-hurricane looking creature, that had an eye of massive proportions (diameter 1,7 kilometers). Eye, which she was targeting. Eye which hadn`t even noticed her. She pulled the lever in her back pack resembling contraption. Wings extended of it. And then the wind carried her. To the eye, compared to what Bermudas triangle was pretty much nothing.

She glided. Onwards, evermore.

The monster noticed her. It didn`t try to do anything, because only fools would approach it.

Then, trough the unthinkable, she descended.

And her view of the world was instantly changed.

She could see the universes building blocks rearranging themselves every second of her life. Of everyones lifes. Without it affecting anyone in the slightest. She saw the universe being made, using only Lego blocks. Bananas. Rectangular shapes. Circles. Letter T:s. Tears. Ice cubes. Gods.

Her expression was that of a shocked person, who knew that she would die soon.

She understood how meaningless everyone as individuals are, in the grand scheme of things. And how important, at the same, and different, time.

She was still shocked.

Understood how ridiculous all the feuds of everyone are.

A tear rolled down her cheek.

How stupid controversies are.

A bitter, outraged and sad tear.

How miniscule any kinds of feelings are. 

But then the tear became nothing more than salt water which is supposed to cleanse the eye.

Why everyone is insane. Why everyone are utterly evil. Why nobody should live with others, interact with others.

She was expresionless, which in itself, is an expression.

She also understood why everyone should do precisely that.    

Her eyes glistened with knowledge.

But when she understood it, she also understood how meaningless realizing all that, actually is.

Still they glistened.

Her mind begun to melt. And then in evaporated out of her. 

Then they glistened no more.

All that was left, was a blank space.

There was no more Sir Ris. Only the body that once belonged to her. 

And then it changed to soap bubbles. 

After a tiniest fraction of a second had passed, she was reborn. First, her body. It was almost the same. Only more perfect. No illnesses, no traumas had yet ravaged it. 

Then her mind was reborn. And it was as untouchable as her body.

Now, though, she felt that she was one with everything in the Mega-verse. Like she had always been. 

And it didn`t feel all that different.     

Her expression had now turned to blissful. She had a calm smile on her face.

Then it widened to a grin, as she saw her, and everyone elses whole lifes flash before her, in a matter of minutes (to call them minutes, though, is laughable, because it`s not a suitable definition at all).  

She saw everything turn to a spiral. A view from a kaleidoscope. A tiny dot. which goed further away, while still closing in on her with a rapid speed. 

She saw everything from more universes than I can imagine.  Her newly formed mind was ripped asunder, and made anew at the same time. Her newly formed body changed to something sickeningly imagination ridden. Cosmic powers tickled her belly. Outer Megaversal forces tried to yank her away form everything, which is nothing compared to NOTHING. Which isn`t anything compared to a single atom.

These, and ten thousand other things happened to her. 

Then she flew out of the monsters rectum, and fell to the ground (which was three feet beneath her) as soundly as a feather would.

Member of the press, and dozens of fans were there, awaiting her. She was lying next to a cow.


"Hello to yourself." Sir said.

A reporter said:

"That was uncanny Sir! How are you feeling?" 

"Well...what I just went trough, was the most thrilling and amazing thing that has, and will ever happen to me. Figure it out yourself." She smiled to the cameras. 

"Well, I`m guessing that it was something, then." He chuckled.
"Indeed" Sir said, still smiling form ear to ear (figuratively).

"What happened inside that thing?"

"Well, you wont believe me, but pretty much everything, I guess." 

"Everything. Are you maybe, exxaggerating just a bit?"

"Nah. Not at all."

"Well, you must be exhausted, so we`ll stop the interview right here."

"If you insist." 

"Thanks for the chance to chat with you. 
Sir Ris, everybody, a record maker! The one, and possibly the only one, to dive trough a Cosmi monster!"

Crowd cheered. Sir waved at them, then gave them two thumbs up.
Her average, brown long hair danced in the wind. She awaited for Fransecosnia. It takes two and a half hours to get back to Earth from the skies. She had phoned Fransecosnia to tell him that she was alright, and she hadn`t died, like she had said. Only reconstructed. Franse had laughed to this, he had thought, joke. Though, he hadn`t believed himself entirely. She had spent the entire time wandering in the area where she had landed, and where Franse would arrive, looking at everything. She got a kick out of it. 

She hadn`t been entirely truthful to the the reporter. What she had experienced, wasn`t the most amazing thing that she would experience. Because everything is equal in every way. And isn´t, at the same time.

She knew that she would die after 26 years, performing a stunt which would involve two elephants and a helicopter. That she would find love after 5 years, and that it would end after 11. Then start again after 13. And end again after 23. She also knew that she had forgotten a pear lollipop to her pocket three days ago. She took it form the pocket, and started to eat it (she removed the wrapper first, of course).

She knew that her "new" way to see and feel things would get her to trouble on numerous occasions. 

Yet, (perhaps) surprisingly, she hadn`t changed all dramatically. It is supposable that no matter what happens, people still keep their own basic nature unchanged, and let that, whatever it is that has happened, go by, without it affecting them that much.

She sucked the lollipop, and saw Franses ship lower down to the ground in the distance. Hundred yards away, the monster started to rise to space, where it would wander for years, looking for a planet which would be its home for another 10 years of its life. Why they do this, still isn`t known. Except by those who have visited the insides of these magnificent energy animals. And of course alot of cosmic entities know, too.

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