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This is not a review, definitely not, of Ghostworld.

So, I`ve read the comic novel "Ghost world", by Daniel Clowes. I have mixed feelings of it.

The characters are two teen girls who talk in a vulgar language, live by infuriating ignorance and act dickishly towards almost everyone they know and meet.

They do this so much, that at times I thought: Maybe I should stop reading this.

I didn`t though, because I knew that I wouldn`t feel frustrated after reading the story, since I read stories like this, too. Bizarrely realistic descriptions of life.

That didn`t stop me from thinking them as huge a-holes at least half of the time I read it (especially on the main protagonists, Enids part).

Not literally looking like a-holes, though.

There`s a few moments, when the main characters actually act in a way that doesn`t make me feel angry. And since they mostly don`t, it feels all the more sweeter.

Naturally, I shouldn`t be so hard on them, especially since they clearly act like that, because they`re emotional wrecks, shaped by this stupid human race. And, because the author was (apparently) making a semi auto-biography ( I`ve read that Enid is his alter ego in the story, which is completely obvious. Especially if someone explains it to you.). I thought that he probably had his own experiences inserted to the story (as well as the those of the girls he knew). But never, that it would be completely about his feelings during puberty.

I`m pretty sure that I was close to the truth myself. Even if to a lesser extent.
Anyway, I read thru all the 80 pages of it (which I think is funny, since I always figured that it would be a multi volume-story). After doing this, and getting to the last page, and closing the book, I had that feeling.

"This is a good, maybe even a great book."

You know, when a great book ends, you get that feeling. That you have to stare at the last page for a moment. Because it`s the end. THEN, you can close the book.
Oh by the way, the plot and the art are splendid.
Now, time to wrap this up noting that I didn`t review this, like the title states. And even if you would`ve decided whether to buy this or not, after reading this, it STILL isn`t a review. Partly because I don`t know what kind of a score I would give to this book, since I love it and hat it at the same time. And rating a book in a review is pretty much mandatory for me.

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