tiistai 6. marraskuuta 2012

In memoriam.

All hallows eve* was some time ago already. Yet, I`ve decided to write a blog post about remembering someone who isn`t (possibly) journeying on this plane of existence, anymore.

It`s either year 2008 or 2009. Or 2010. I`m in High school. It is time to pick up a few courses, which I am to attend, out of dozens of courses. I`m sitting in a class room where a bald, round, about 50 year old man talks about global warming (in a calm voice). How it should/must be stopped. At that time, I was sick of hearing about it. I still am.
Anyhow, he talked about it, and i thought, that I don`t wanna go to this course, because he was a strong willed person, and I would certainly get in to alot of verbal fisticuffs with him, would I go to his classes. Or maybe it`s `cause I like the stars, but I`ve never been in to astronomy. 
He seemed like an interesting guy, though.

Maybe a few weeks after...he dies. There`s a small memorial kinda thing held at school. I don`t feel almost anything. Same for hundreds of others. I didn`t know him that much, after all.

I call to one of my friends (an extraordinary woman in her 50s), Margit Pudas Timonen (maybe you`ve heard of her, maybe not). She knew the guy. She knows so many people, around the world. and you`d be (possibly) surprised at who she knows.
Anyway...She said something about being sad because he died. That he was a special person. She thought that I knew him well. But I hadn`t met him all that many times. Maybe a few brief confrontations. I said I didn`t. After a while we talked about something else.

Now, it had been a few years. I watched Hatchiko: A dogs tale. It`s a sad, brilliant movie. Maybe because one of its themes is death, I, for some reason, thought about him. I hadn`t thought about him (possibly) for years. Now I did. Then I wrote this post.
Guess what? Remembering those events linked to him...seem so weird. So very very weird.

Why did I remember him? Is it because I would`ve wanted to know him?

You know what`s funny? I don`t remember (though some say, that you don`t ever truly forget anything) his name.

Maybe it`s not funny. Maybe it`s strange. Yes, strange.    

He was, indeed, a special person. And you could clearly see that by listening to him at least once.

Happy late All hallows eve.       

* Even if in some cultures and families, All hallows eve and Halloween are spent as one holliday, they`re not the same. Halloween is the time of monsters, candy costumes and stuff. All hallows eve is the time when you can remember your loved ones who have passed aways. there are many traditions linked to both hollidays. For example, in All hallows eve, you are to light a candle for the one (or more) you`ve lost. Or leave food outside, for the ghouls who walk (or levitate) on earth. At least, that`s how I`ve figured it out.

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