keskiviikko 25. heinäkuuta 2012

I`m gonna be a comics pro.

Or more like a person who gets money out of making comics, and thinks that  it makes him a pro. So, I guess I should write: I`m gonna be a comics "pro".
Now you maybe think: Yeah, he probably dreams of being an artist one day, and will end up being an office worker in a 08:00-16:00 (or 09:00-17:00)-job. Loser.
Well, you probably don`t `cause you`re a nice feller (I assume). But seriously, I`m gonna be one. Gonna be more than an artist. I`ll make stories in other ways too. I`ll write terrible stories (I write them better when they`re short strips or maybe just a few pages. Nothing complicated.), I`ll work with someone who writes better stories, talk with that writer about what we could do next, etc.    
I thought for a few years, that I`m gonna make stories for DC and Marvel, and also my own stories. Changed my mind. I don`t like what the leading folk at those companies do. I like alot of the stuff they publish, because alot of the comic makers they have, know what they`re doing. But I`ve read what they do to them. Some of them. Most, all of them. Not only do I not want it to happen to ME, but I also don`t want to be a part of something like that. They don`t even give credit to alot of their deceased workers, for chrissakes! They don`t give money to those who deserve it. They print utter (expletive deleted)! They don`t use all of their cool characters, and keep overexploitating their already popular characters. That`s not what a company should do.
I mean, that`s basically turning artwork to industry.
Maybe I will get the chance to work at Dark horse or IDW at some point. Depending on how good my chances are to make stories to them, and how clean THEY are. I hope that they`ll be clean. It seems a bit unlikely, but I guess it`s possible for them to keep clean if they don`t become as big as Marvel and DC.
I`m still buying comics from both companies, though. Only because of the stories. I should probably give up doing so after some time. When I`ve, for example, bought the rest of Jack Kirbys fourth world (only two more books to go), Resurrection man vol. 2, Fantastic four written by Jonathan Hickman, DD by Mark Waid and others (or maybe I should loan it) and so on. 
Maybe I can still buy more stories published by them. After all, the online stores I buy them from, have already paid for them. Right? Maybe. Maybe not. I`m so confused...Is this even sensible? I have no idea.
But I`m gonna do something against them. That I know.  
Or maybe I shouldn`t. 
I know what I will do, though. I`m gonna buy Marcos Martins self published comic, when he publishes it. Because I know that it will be great. 
I`m also gonna make comics. The best way that I can possibly maybe make them. Which can`t be very good.
I wanna work with Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Mark Waid, Ann Nocenti and others. I don`t think that it`s possible. Especially not with Moore (maybe if I would ask really politely and beg on my knees and give my beating heart to him as a gift). I`m guessing that he might not wanna work at all after a few years, because even retirement is a thing of faith to him. An unbreakable decision, which he will keep all the way to his grave. And beyond.      
Maybe I`m wrong about that. Maybe he would die before I would have a chance to work with him. We all can die at any moment, and I foolishly think that because he`s about forty years older than me, he might die before me. Wait, I got lost on the subject.
Anyway, this is a ramble I wrote, and you may or may have not read it. I don`t really know if I wrote anything decent to this, but I `m gonna post this anyway, `cause I have the power to do so.  Feels great.
But anyway, the point is, I`m  gonna make comics. And if you happen to see one of them at some moment, feel free to read it (but only if it`s free, your friend or acquaintance has it or something like that), or if it costs something, decide whether to buy it or not, and if you decide to buy it, buy it. If you do so, you`ll help me pay my bills, buy some food and comics, and also fulfill my dream of being a published professional comics maker. 
By the way, if that story is crap, feel free to write a reasonable review of it, compiling all it`s faults. Maybe I`ll read it some day, and actually decide to learn from the whole experience. I hope though, that it doesn`t come to that. I`m certain that it will, though. 

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