sunnuntai 10. kesäkuuta 2012


So, I`d just want to inform you (one definite reader, and a few possible others) that I`ve seen the movie Phone booth a while back. It`s a cool movie, that has a few down-to-Earth things in it and a few not-that-much-down-to-Earth-moments. It`s not the best movie I`ve seen, but I happen to like it, largely because of its great amount of crazy in-your-face humor, and threat. Wanna know who directed it?

Joel Schumacher.

That`s right. The guy who (supposedly) almost ruined the Batman-movie franchise made a good movie (But then again, maybe he has made alot of them. I don`t know, `cause I`ve only seen this one.) I think that it`s pretty fair towards him, since he has gotten alot of negative response about the two Batman-films he made.

But then again, the only way that he could really make up for those films would be if he would make a really great superhero-movie or two. But then again, I haven`t watched his Bat-movies, so I shouldn`t even say something about this, right?

But anyway, I found this thing funny, and wanted to tell of it. Thanks for your possible attention.

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