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What`s not that great about Grant Morrisons writing, even if he is an awesome writer.

  1. When he writes characters, he sometimes forgets (meaning that he doesn`t care at all) that they can get suprised, or shocked. Zatanna sees a few people lying dead on the ground. She doesn`t care, or more like, thinks that it`s completely normal. Green arrow II sees wonders that he probably will never see again. Yeah yeah, big deal. Damian Wayne finds out something staggering about himself. So what? This is mostly off-putting. But the good thing about it is, that it`s also surrealistic and funny too, in a few cases.
  2. He likes to use clichés like evil stepmothers, brothers, persons who were thought to be friends etc. But, all in all, it`s not very bad of him to do so. Those aspects were born during the first folk lore sagas, fairytales and conflicts that even you and me sometimes face. Besides, they are used by everyone.
  3. Alot of his comics have alot of violence, sex and stuff like that. It`s not a bad thing, necessarily. But you really shouldn`t read `em if you can`t handle `em. 
  4. Do you like story arcs that consist almost of nothing but fighting in the ruins of a metropolitan city under dark or red sky, and it`s certain that characters from the villains and the heroes side will surely perish? If you don`t, I gotta warn you. Morrison likes to write `em to the end of almost all of his runs. I find them a little boring and repetetive myself. But there`s one good thing about them. They`re also awesome. 
  5. How do you feel about paying the same amount of money of a comic that has about 80-100 panels in 22 pages, as you should pay of a comic that has 136 panels in 22 pages? If you don`t like it, you may have a sore feeling after reading even one Morrison written comic, because he sure likes big panels (especially since he started to read later Kirby). This also sometimes makes the story move too quickly. What`s good about this though, is that big panels are perfect for demonstrating the (hoped or certain) greatness of the artist. Besides, he uses big panels (and splashes*) in pretty good ways.   
  6. His writing can get REALLY confusing. Meaning: "Holy **** that this is so ****ing confusing!" It may be that he has hidden a secret in plain sight, and the only way you can understand it, is if you know what some certain almost forgotten character did in some issue in some deceate. Fortunately, he doesn`t make it so that the enjoyability of the whole story depends on you knowing it. And when/if you do find out that one little detail, the reward is totally worth it.
So, there are seven things about Morrisons writing that aren`t as fantastic as rest of his writing. And even those ones aren`t that bad, as I demonstrated. So, there`s no other reason not liking Morrisons writing, than simply NOT liking his writing.

* Panels as big as a page. Double splash means a panel as big as two pages.

I guess that...that`s it. 

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