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A story about things in life that happened to someone. Chapter 5: Chrisso and Toriayna start to see eachother more and more.

It was an Autumny day. Chrisso was sitting in a bench in front of a mall, with Toriayna. They were talking. They talked about all the hazzle and dazzle that goed on, before this meeting. About the fact, that they forgot to agree about the time when to meet again, and so on.
These are also the things they talked about.
"So, what do you think of zoos?" Asked Toriayna.
"I think that if they are meant to be sanctuaries for hurt animals, they`re fine. Besides, they wont be eaten there." Replied chrisso.
"I wouldn`t be so sure about that. I once read an article about a Gazelle who ran out of her cage, and accidentally tripped over to the lion-cage. She got eaten pretty fast." Said Tori.
"Wow. That`s, heh, weird. Sorry about the chuckle." Said Chrisso.
"I guess it`s a little funny." Said Tori, with an expression I can`t quite know how to describe, in her face.
"You know, I`ve thought to myself, that even if living beings are fragile, we still don`t die that easily."
"I have noticed that too, obviously."

They talked about other things too. Like for example, should people really eat that much vegetables, are airplanes useful anymore and why there are so many lousy tv-shows. They had sat on the bench for over an hour, before the weather started to get cold. Chrisso asked:
"Wanna go somewhere warmer?"
"Of course."
Tori locked up her moped to a safe place, and then they both walked inside the mall, where it was warmer.

They goed to different shops and watched around for all the stuff that was being sold. Goofy stuff, like clothes that were made of butter, pens that also work as voice recorders and toys of all kind. On the toy section, Chrisso wound up buying an action figure which was identical to the one that he used to have as a kid, while Tori kept saying how childish he is. Before she bought an icecream making machine, which was coloured pink and yellow. Chrisso smirked while she bought it, and didn`t say a word. Tori looked at him with irritation, but said nothing, either.

Later on, they went to a restaurant in the mall. Chrisso ordered a beef stake with jalapeno salad. Tori ordered a mushroom-salami-pineaple-pizza. They talked about all sorts of things again.
"Why must there be any politics at all? Of course alot of people follow it, but what use do they have, in the end? Noone likes any of the politicians, and they just make all the wrong choises, anyway." Said Tori.
To this, Chrisso replied:
"I don`t think so. I follow politics. And besides, they`re all just humans. They can`t be perfect."
"You`re right about that, alright. They sure aren`t perfect. But it`s possible that a few of them are aliens."
"Like who?"
"Tirian, Lacombe...and maybe Riseup."
"Riseup is funny name." Said Chrisso, smiling.
"Yep." Said Tori, and smiled too.

The evening continued to be pretty much the same. Finally, at 21:54, they decided to go to their homes. 
"So, when will we meet again? Or will we..." Said Chrisso.
"I don`t see a problem in that." Said Tori.
"The day after tomorrow."
"19:00 o` clock?" Asked Chrisso.
"Okay. Movies?"
"Anything good playing, currently?"
"What would you like?"Asked Tori.
"A romantic comedy."
"I see...I don`t think that there is any playing in any theater right now. In the city, that is."
"Then, what would you like?" Asked Chrisso.
"Festival of Nize.*"
"Well, I guess I could watch it, even if it is just another action movie set on Nize." Said Chrisso.
"We don`t have to watch it together. Is there something else?"
"Sorry, but there isn`t anything that I`d want to see, in theaters right now."
"Aaahmmm...Hey, I know. Let`s switch phone numbers, and then we can decide, later on, what to do."
"Okay. Mine is..." Chrisso said.
"Woah, wait a sec. I`ll just take my phone first." Said tori, while taking a glass like, weird structured phone from her pocket. "Okay. Go ahead."
"577865." Said Chrisso (in this universe, phone numbers are, obviously, shorter). He took his own, weird looking phone from his pocket.
"777432." Said Tori.
"Okay. So, now we can call to eachother." Said Chrisso.
"Yep." Said Tori.
"Well, see ya."
"See ya."
They both walked away from each other, and went to their own homes, where they watched their tv:s, read books, ate and slept.

Tomorrow, Chrisso called Tori. Tori answered.
"Hey." She said.
"Hello. Y`know, I was wondering if we could rent a movie." Said he.
"Yeah, we could. Is there something you`d want to watch?"
"Well, I have always wanted to see "Night light romance"**." Chrisso said.
"What? You haven`t seen it? I`ve seen it like 3 times! My friends have seen it at least once!"
"I just haven`t. Would you like to see it again?"
"Wellllll...Okay." Said Tori.
"Splendid. So, will you get it, or me?" Said Chrisso.
"I can go get it. I live near the library." Said Tori.
"Good. My apartment or yours?" Said Chrisso.
"Uh, I would want to see your place. I wouldn`t want you to see my place, y`know. It`s a complete mess."
"OK. My place, then. I live in Scarley road 4, apartment 7." Said Chrisso.
Tori wrote the address to a piece of paper.
"Scarley...road...apartment...7. There. Remember, 19:00." Said Tori.
"Okay. Oh, by the way, would you want to eat something?" Said Chrisso.
"Snacks. I like Hermut-snacks***." Said Tori.
"Me too. Almost everyone does, when I think of it."
"Of course." Said Chrisso.
"Well, be seeing you tomorrow. Oh, do you have a GF-player?"
"Yes. Till tomorrow. Bye." Said Chrisso.
Then Tori hung up the phone.
Chrisso felt happy. But he didn`t feel the way you should, when you`re going to go to a third date with someone. Chrisso decided not to care about it, and ordered a pizza (which is naturally, completely different in this universe).

Then it was the day of the third date. Tori was watching tv again, and  passed her time by channel hopping. This is what she saw and heard:
Channel 1: "The best selling drama series of the year, Cavalcade, at 20:30 each Macday (which is this worlds Tuesday)." Tori switched the channel `cause she doesn`t care for drama.
Channel 2: "Soon we will see what Breanda looks without her shirt on!" She switched the channel `cause she`s not a straight man, a lesbian or a bi-sexual. And because shows like that disgust her.
Channel 3: "Suan-Grinnan war on West-Crunland has stopped all flights to Crunland." She switched the channel `cause she doesn`t like wars.
Channel 4: "The tax-proposal of Joaguin Fotheswield has gotten hundreds of people form street protests around the country. Our reporter, Mah Hegra, interviewed a few protesters today, at Nil-valleys city hall."    
Tori didn`t switch the channel.
"What do you think of this proposal, miss?"
"I think that whatever Joaguin Fotheswield does, isn`t supposed to help anyone. And even if I have enough money to pay it, I`m sure that he has something destructive behind it all, and that`s why I`m against it."
"Me too." Said Tori.
"Why are you against this tax, sir?"
"I don`t have enough money."
"But the tax is supposed to be fair to the poor. Doesn`t it help you at all, that you only need to pay less than 4 Chungs a month?"
"Not really. 4 Chungs, I mean, I haven`t seen that much money in years. I live under a bridge, and eat food that has been thrown away. Seriously. No, I just don`t have enough money."
Tori looked at the news broadcast, and thought that this tax can`t possibly get approved. It just can`t.

Then it was almost 19:00 o` clock. Chrisso was opening the snack bags, and pouring the snacks to two bowls. He took them to the living room, and made sure that everything was okay. The place was cleaned up, and organized. Yes, everything was fine. He sat down and read a book about pineapples to pass the time.

It took about ten minutes that Chrisso heard the doorbell.
Bling blong, tlididudi dong!
He hopped to the door, and opened it. Tori was behind it.
"Hello." Said she.
"Hello. Come in." Said he.
Tori walked in. She looked around.
"So, this is your place. Neat."
"Let me show you around."
"So, this is the door, obviously. The cloth-hanger is there, by the way."
"Oh." Tori said, and put her clothes to the right place.
They goed to the room next to the door, to the left direction.
"The kitchen is here."
The kitchen was a crammed one. It had a small fridge, a small dishwasher, fife cabinets (that had eating utensils, plates and such like things inside them) and a sink. They were all about 6 years old. The oven was 11 years old. There was a red stain in one of the walls.
"What`s that?" Asked Tori, about the stain.
"It`s some kind of soup. I spilled it there accidently once, and couldn`t get it off." Said Chrisso.
By the way, if you ever go to this storys universe, remember that soups of all kinds are one of the most stickiest substancies ever. Reason why, isn`t known even in these days.
Chrisso and Tori goed back, because there wasn`t anything else after the kitchen. They turned right.
"Next to the kitchen is the bathroom."
Tori looked inside. The bathroom was white and small. It was also clean, and there were matches, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet brush, cotton, a box for toilet paper rolls, a toilet paper hanger, floss, a mirror, no windows and just a sink. No tables, because not even a small one would fit there. And even if it`s a bathroom, there isn`t a bathtub there. There was a framed painting of a baby on a potty in the wall, whose leg blocked to view to his genitals. The painting wasn`t humorous. Rather, it was quite serious.
"What is this painting here."
"Oh, that`s a christmas gift from my sister, a few years back."
"Oh, so you have a sister."
"Yeah. You can meet him if you want to. She lives in the neighbouring town, like my mum and pap."
"Maybe some day." Said Tori
The tour goed on. Next Chrisso showed the room next to the bathroom.
"This is the shower room."
There was a yellow shower in there, among a wiper, a drain, lots of tiles, calcium ocide, a laundry machine and alot of different soaps. There was a spider on the roof (interesting to know: In this storys universe, spiders look like caterpillars, they have only two limbs, and one eye, on their center body).
"And the living room." It was opposite all the other rooms. It had a tv, a couch/bed, green desk, bookshelfs, boxes (full of books and other things), closets (full of clothes and cleaning utensils), a statue which resembles both Ludwig van Beethoven and six armed Alan Menken (they weren`t born in this universe, by the way). There was a giant window in the room.
"So, this is my humble home." Said Chrisso, smiling modestly.
"It`s nice. Oh, by the way, here it is." Said Tori, showing a round cartridge, which contained the GF-disc, which contained the movie.
"Great." Chrisso said, smiling enthusiastically. He took the cartidge, opened it and took the disc, that he then inserted to the GF-player. Tori sat down to the couch/sofa, and took a snack. When Chrisso was ready, he sat down to the couch too.
The movie started. The credits came fist, and the background was black. A violin-like instrument made beautiful sounds, but it could not be seen. Chrisso asked from Tori:
"How long does the movie last?"
"About an hour and a half."
Chrisso and Tori sat there, and ate snacks. Tori ate more than Chrisso.
After a while, the movie had reached the scene where the lead character is in a café, thinking about mortality. Chrisso started to think:
"So, what do people normally do in third dates? Some kind of under the sweater action? I don`t think that we`re there yet. Maybe I should just do that trick I always use to do during second dates, like everyone else, too."
Chrisso reached out his hand, and pretented to do scretches. Then he put his hand, slyly, to Toris knee. Chrisso shaked a little. Tori noticed Chrissos trick. She started to think:
"Oh, so he has made the move. I guess that I have to, too."
Tori put her hand to his knee too. They sat silently, and watched the movie.
"I feel nothing." Thought Chrisso.
"Strange...I don`t actually feel anything." Thought Tori.
They both took their hands from eachothers knees, and watched the rest of the movie.

When the end credits started to roll, Tori asked Chrisso:
"So what did you think."
"Well, it wasn`t as good as I had expected, but it was still okay."
"It`s alot better than okay, you idiot!" Shouted Tori.
"Hey the one who insults, is the one that is" Muttered Chrisso.
"Heheheh!" Laughed Tori.
"Shut up." Said Chrisso, smiling embarrasedly.
They ate rest of the snacks, and some sandwiches. They talked about all kinds of things again, and ultimately, about this too:
"So, what was that...knee touching about?" Asked Tori.
Chrisso looked at Tori, blinked his eyes alot, and didn`t know what to say.
" is already our third date, so...That`s it."
They looked at eachother.
"But now, I think that maybe we shouldn`t haste." Said Chrisso.
"Me neither." Said Tori. She took a bite from her sandwiche, and chewed.
Chrisso pondered what to say. Then he asked.
"What would you like to do next time?"
"Well, it`s not too chilly outside yet, so I thought that we could go to some beautiful place, and have an autumn-picnic." Said Tori.
"I`d like that, actually. Yeah, let`s do that." Said Chrisso.
They talked about what to do during the picnic, what they`d eat, and where would they go. Then the time was already 21:41, and Tori decided to leave. She took the GF-disc and its container and her clothes. Then they both goed to the door.
"So, bye bye. I`ll be seeing you." Said Tori.
"Yeah, bye."
"Oh, you have some sauce on your cheek." Said Tori.
"Which o...?"
Before Chrisso had concluded, Tori had took a paper handkerchief, and wiped the sauce away.
"Okay." Said Chrisso, who wasn`t used to that kind of stuff.
She opened the door, and prepared to go outside. Then she paused, and thought:
"Should I kiss him goodnight. To the cheek, maybe..."
There was a moment of silence.
"What now?" Asked Chrisso.
"Good night." Said Tori, and hugged him.
"Good night." Said Chrisso, and hugged her back.
Then Tori put her hands to her sides, and walked away, to her moped, that she had put to a locker for rent. She wawed to Chrisso, and Chrisso wawed back. Then he closed the door.
Then he walked to the sofa, and started to think, why did something feel off about this whole thing.

Tori thought the same, when riding her moped in the cool autumn air. She passed a group of people, who were yelling:
"Down with the tax! Down with the tax!"
But she didn`t notice them, and rode away.

Next: Pretty much more of the same.

* Nize is a town in this storys universe (the location of it is in Austria), which happens to be a city the size of Iceland of this universe, where you read this. Iceland, by the way, has always been under water, and isn`t populated by humans at all.
** A classic Russian (which is worlds second smallest country, in this universe, and has never been under communisms power) movie about a woman who falls in love to herself, but only at nights.
*** Hermut is a vegetable which tastes like a salty orange.

This story is licensed under creative commons ATTRIBUTION. 
Which means, that you can use the story in any way (for example, make it a part of your story continuum), distribute it in any way and if you really want, make money out of it. As long as you:

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