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My faforite episode of "Friends".

So, you may remember this series.
 It`s one of the most loved and known series of NBC. I`ve seen (possibly) all the episodes, but still don`t count the series as one of my faforites, even if I like it better than many others.

But anyway, if you haven`t watched the series in its entirety but want to, don`t read further. But, after youve seen the first season, you can go back and read this. But, if you`ve started to watch the series AFTER season 1, there may be no reason for you not to read this. But, anyway, it`s up for you to decide.

So what is my faf Friends episode? It (oh by the way, SPOILERS) is...

"The one with the birth"! That`s the episode, in what Ross`s, Carols and Carols girlfriend Susans baby is delivered out of Carols uterus (AKA, given birth). Why do I like this episode? Let me give you a breakdown of the episode...

The intro:
Friends rush to hospital, and say a few jokes.
The theme music:
Great, as always. The opening clips are nice too.

The main plot:
So, the gang goes to hospital, where the baby is to be given birth. They wait in the waiting room (Or are they spending time with Susan on the delivery room? I don`t remember.), and talk about all kinds of things. Well, most of the gang does. Carol, Susan and Ross are in the delivery room, and Ross and Susan are bickering and yelling at eachother, because they always do that. Carol gets enough about this, and orders them both to go away. And they do. They are ashamed, and still angry at eachother. They are still angry at eachother. Then, after walking in isles for a while, they run into Phoebe, who somehow locks all of them to the cleaning eguipment room. Then Susan and Ross start to yell again, after what Phoebe talks some sense in to Ross and Susan. Both of them cool down, and start to think of a plan to get out of their prison. What is it? Well, they decide that Phoebe (who is now wearing an overall that has "Ben" written to its nametag)  should go inside the ventilation system, get out of there when she gets out of the closet, and then open the closet from outside. Susan and Ross have just gotten Phoebs inside the vent-system, when a janitor opens the door. Ross and Susan run out of the room, leaving Phoebs to the vent. Poor Phoebs...Or is she so poor after all?
Susan and Ross run to the delivery room, where everyone else are. Rest of the gang are ordered to go away, and only Carol, Ross, Susan and the midwife stay to the room. The baby is born, but he still hasn`t got a name. Ross and Susan suggest Ben. And Susan agrees. But where`s Phoebs? In the ventilation system, that`s in the delivery room!
The rest of the episode is wondering the miracle of birth. Which is pretty nice, and funny. And then it`s concluded. 

Joyes sub plot:
Joye finds a woman, who is giving birth to her child alone (her husband or boyfriend ran away after she told about the baby). He decides to be with her (and the delivering midwife, obviously), and during the course of the delivery, starts to grow affectionate towards the woman. Like, maybe he will start to date her, and vice versa. But, alas, it wont happen. When Joye comes back from where ever he goed for a while, he notices that the man who had ran away, has come back, and will live happily ever after with the woman. Joye feels a little sad, obviously. But he realizes that this is for the best, and walks away, smiling. That`s my faforite Joey moment. Plainly that.
What I like about the episode:
-Susan and Joey, both of whom seem a little unpleasent, are really humane in this episode.
-It`s full of jokes, like every episode of the series.
-After watching it, I always fell all cudly and warm inside.
-It`s from the very first season, when evrything about the series was brand new and all was simply beginning, and it had that kind of enthusiasm that every new series have, when they begin.
-And so on.

Well. That`s it. My faf episode of Friends.

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