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A story about things in life that happened to someone. Chapter 3: Inside the head of Joaguin Fotheswield, part 2.

Mr. Joaguin Fotheswield was still sitting in a office (in the spring of 2010), that was used by Mrs. Hopsugrhs, the nationality minister of Angloland, before her retirement that would happend after 3 months, after this moment. Mrs. H. was still talking about the rights that everyone has, and Mr. Fotheswield, being a huge jerk, didn`t want to listen. Instead, he started to remember, when he met black kids for the very first time.

It was a summer day, in the year 1961. It was hot, and Joaguin was walking around, looking for someone to play with. He walked for a while, before seeing a boy in the distance. He goed to them. The boy saw him. Their skins weren`t the same colour as Joaguins skin, and he noticed this. The kid said:
"Hello." Said Joaguin.
"Who are you?" Asked one of the kids.
"I am Joaguin Fotheswield. I live in that big house, there."
"Oh, so you`re one of those really rich people."
"Yes, that`s what my parents say."
Then, unexpectedly, but not suprisingly, little Joaguin asked:
"Why do you have a brown skin?"
"Because I was born that way."
"No you weren`t."
"Why do you think so? I think that I know better than you, that I`ve born with this skincolour!"
"Nah, you`re lying. I haven`t seen a boy who`s the same colour as you before. You`re joking!"
"No I`m not! You can ask my ma if I was born this way!"
"Who`s ma?"
"My mother, of course!"
"Then you should call her mother, not ma."  
"I can call my ma ma, `cause ma has said that I can." The boy finished.
Little Joaguin was silent for a moment or two.
"You talk funnily."
"No, you talk funnily!"
"No, it`s you, who talks funnily!"
This continued on and on, until they both got to the boys familys house.
They goed inside the house, and the boy found  his ma.
"Hey ma! This boy says that I talk funnily! And that I`m not really black!"
To these accusations, the boys ma said:
"Whoever you are, you will have to take all of those words back." She said this sternly.
Joaguin saw the boys mother, who was also black. After seeing her being black (well, brown actually), little Joaguin started to wonder, if the boy wasn`t joking, after all.
"Eh, well, I , I guess that he didn`t joke about being born black. I see that now. But he still talks funnily."
"No, it`s you who speaks funnily!"
"Now now boys. I`m sure that you both think that you talk funnily. Well, now that all of that`s settled, I`d want to know who you are, little guy."
"I, I am Joaguin Fotheswield."
"Well hi to you, Joaguin. My name`s Clarica. And this guy here is my son. Tell who you are, pumpkincheeks."
The boy was a little embarassed, and said:
"My name`s Jonez."
"Nice to meet you Jones."
"No, it`s not many zees, it`s one zee."
"Jonez!" Shouted Jonez.
"Hey Jonez, don`t get angry for that."
"Well, okay. Nice to meet you Joguin."
This continued for a while, until Clarica made sandwiches for the boys. The sandwiches weren`t as expensive as Joaguin was use to. There also was more selfgrown vegetables in them, than anything else. Joaguin found these sandwiches a bit badtasting, and took some vegetables of the sandwich, that he didn`t like. Clarica didn`t really get all that upset about this, `cause he knows that children can be picky. The sandwiches were, anyway eaten, and also water was drank. Then Joaguin and Jonez goed outside, and played hide and seek for almost for half an hour.
It was after that half an hour, that Joaguin met rest of the Jonez:s family. They all rode cheap bikes. Joaguin saw Jonez:s father and Jonez:s 2 sisters. Although, Joaguin didn`t know that yet.
"Hello Jonez! Who`s this boy?!" Jonez:s dad shouted these words.
"I`m Joaguin."
"Well, hello Joaguin! I`m Jonez:s father, Ornando. These are my 2 girls, Nalia and Ridna."
"Hey."Said Ridna. Nalia seemed to be to be too shy to say anything.
"Hello."  Joaguin said, smiling.
Then he remembered something.
"Oh, no! I have to go home now, or mother and father will get worried! Bye bye to all."
"BYE BYE!" Shouted almost all, except Nalia, who kept being shy.
Joaguin ran, and ran, all the way home. Then he finally got there. He goed inside his familys house. His father was sleeping in the library, in a chiffon. His mother was upstairs, painting a...well, painting. It looked a bit crude, but nice, neverthless.
"Oh, hi Joaguin. You look a bit tired."
"Well, I have played with a boy I just met, and then I ran here, so you wouldn`t get worried of where I am."
"Oh you silly boy. You don`t have to run yourself to death to get here. If you will be here early, it will be enough." She said.
Joaguins memory of that first confrontation was brutally finished, when Mrs.Hopsurghs, AKA Mrs. H, shouted:    
"Can`t you listen to me, Fotheswield!"
Mr. F looked at her, shocked. Then he glanced at her, once again irritated.
"I don`t listen to you, because there is nothing too important, that you can say to me."
He walked out of the chair in what he had sat, and walked away. He said:
" Bye bye, Hopssurghs, see you later."  
He walked away, to his office. And, yes, you guessed it, he was angry, `cause he had to go all the way to Mrs. H:s office. He opened the door that leads to the office in what he works, and had an idea.
"Yes sir?"
"I have a new tax in mind."
"Oh no..."
"Shut up.Write this down!"
Enslings opened Word-software, from his computer. He prepared to write.
"A tax application, by Joaguin Knel fotheswield. Written by Enslings."
"My hole name is Hermon Jure Enslings."
"Well don`t tell ME that! Write it."
"Okay. This is my new order." He  smiled for a while. Sinisterily, of course.
"Yes?" Asked Enslings.
Fotheswield stared at Enslings. Now he had a ponderous espression in his face.
"I`ll have to think about, for a moment."
He goed to his office, leaving Enslings alone. Enslings watched the door of Fotheswields office. Then he opened his desks middledrawer, and took a brainteaser from there. He started to think what to do next. then he figured it out, after 10 minutes. And he started to turn the parts.

Joaguin Fothewield, sat in the chair, that he called his own. He was remembering again. And remembered he did. He remembered this...

Young Joaguin was once again, running to the familys house. He had known them for 3 weeks now. He had also heard of a land called USA, where they were from (but that`s a story for another time, for us). When Joaguin got there, he noticed something peculiar. And, naturally it wasn`t  something good.
"And you beware, you ¤##¤#¤, if I ever see you again. Any of you. And don`t go near my son. DON`T."
His father, it was, of course. He walked towards Joaguin.  
Joaguin asked, with a little fear in his throat, from his father:
"Father, what was that?"
"I`ll explain at home. I just want to get as far from those...people, as I can. Immediatly."
Mr. F senior took Joaguins hand to his, and made him walk with him. Joaguin watched over his shoulder, at the angry, and sad family behind them. He knew that he would never play with them again. He would never get to go that house. He knew all of this, inside him, and he felt sad. He turned his head from over his shoulder, and looked down.  

They were in the Fotheswield manor again. His father and mother were talking. Joaguin listened, like some mute person.
"They`re nothing else but savages" Said Mr. F senior.
"They steal." Said Mrs. Fotheswield.
"They sell their children."
"They hate us. They pretend to like us, but they hate us."
"Their skin isn`t natural."
"They blala bla bla bla bla..."
And that`s what Joaguin heard for 20 minutes. And then he started to cry a bit. His mother started to consolate him.
"Don`t cry honey. It`s not your fault that they had you fooled." She hugged him.
"Yes son. It isn`t your fault. Even if we have told about the evilness of that group of...humans, you couldn`t have realized. Children don`t realize some things. I didn`t either. At your age."
His mother looked at Joaguins father, murderously. Mr. F. senior was guiet for a while.  

It had been a few hours since the unpleasentness that you, reader, just read of. It was now time to go to sleep. Joaguin was at his bed.
"Good night Joaguin." Said his mother.
"Good night ma." His mother looked at Joaguin, as if she had heard a curseword from her sons mouth.
"Mother, I mean."
She kissed him to cheek. Then she left.
Joaguin lied in his bed. For three hours. Thinking about the things that had happened today. He wept a bit agin, but didn`t want to disturb his parents, because he was ashamed.
"They lied to you son."
Those were the words that he thinked over and over again.
And then, he finally got to sleep.

Joaguin Fotheswield was still sitting. Then he stood up. He looked out of his offices window, to the city. He said to himself:
"I was so naive back then. It took me years to realize that my parent`s were right. Now I have a chance. I have to use it."
He walked to the offices door. He opened it, and saw Enslings fiddling with the brainteaser. Enslings noticed Mr. F, and put the brainteaser back to the drawer.
"Enslings. Let me tell you something." Mr. F said. He started to speak.
"Do you know what the people, that are mere, the working men, and women, think about me? No? Let me tell you. They think that I am evil. They`re wrong. Think that I do everything that I can, to make their lifes more difficult. They think that I hate them. They`re correct. But for a reason. Because they`re stupid. They`re evil. Murderers. Criminals. Why? Because they have nothing else worthwhile to do, than evil. When they get away from their dayjobs, they do as much evil as they can, because they have nothing else exciting to do. They deserve all of it. Men, women, children, black persons, Chinese, Danish...That`s why, what I tell you to now to write, is a right thing to do."
"What do I write?"
Mr. Fotheswield smiled so widely, that he resembled some villain from the popularculture.
"Tax, everyone."
Enslings was stupendous.
Enslings wrote.
"Good. I`ll go home early, Enslings. Write whatever needs to be written."
And so he goed away. And he still was smiling.
He saw Mrs. Hopsurghs, and goed to a hidingplace. When Mrs. H. had left, Mr. Foatheswield almost ran down the stairs. Then he got to the stairs, where, fortunately for the politicians, wasn`t any reporters.
He crossed the street, unharmed, once again (even if there were cars). And he walked to his home.

What happened in the rest of the days of that year, that is relevant to our story, are these things. Mrs. Hopsurghs retired, and Mr. Falling took her place. The, "tax everyone"-law proposal was getting (unfortunately) more closer to getting confirmed. Mr. Joaguin Fotheswield was happy. The next year, the lawproposal was still awaiting confirmation. Chrisso and Toriayna met for the first time. And the law proposal? Well, you need to read the next chapters, to find out...

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