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My faforite The simpsons villains.

18.The unabrowed baby/Gerald Samson

From I modified the image a bit.

He`s an archenemy (and in one comic, which is out of continuity, Maggies husband) of Maggie. He also set a house on fire by accident (or was it an accident...?). He doesn`t do anything else, that would be evil. But who knows. Maybe he became a bully in his teen years.

17.The evil egg, from the Egg council.

He`s an evil guy in an egg-suit. Or is it a suit? What more you need to know! He`s in that video, by the way. See if you can spot him.

16.Rich Texan

Rich texan.jpg

From, you guessed it, Simpsonswikia.

He tried to sell a beatiful forest, for evil purposes.  And I`m sure that he has done many other evil things. In the end though, he`s actually a little humane. And isn`t that, what makes a great villain? No. Not that much, actually. Okay, it does.

15.The evil french cook from the episode in what Homer becomes a food critic.
I probably can`t find an image or a video about him, but he`s awesome. I mean, he can make any pastry dangerous! In a funny way!

14.Rainier Wolfcastle

Many have died in his movies. For real! He`s also the kind of guy whose hobby, is to avenge. For little reasons, mostly. But, since he`s a celebrity, he gets off the hook. 


From Simpsons.wikia.

A mad weaponshopkeeper, who has been a criminal few times. And who seems to get off the hook every time...Not that he would get that chance alot, `cause he doesn`t appear in every episode.

12. Dr. Colossus

He`s an evil mad scientist, who has never done anything evil in the show.

11. Johny Tightlips

I say nothing.
Ok, I will. This guy is a gangster, which I like. But, he`s also a gangster, who sabotages his life, by never answering to guestions. How futile in a funny way!

10.Fat Tony


A mafboss in the World of Simpsons. Cool.

9.Hank Scorpio
Hank Scorpio.png
From Simpsonswikia. 

He`s a classic bond-villain, who has never fought against James Bond.

8.Jebediah Springfield


Not only he belongs to this list, because of episode "Lisa the iconoclast", but because he founded a town which is full of evil.

7.Cecil Terwilliger

I hope that I wont be spoiling anything from you.
Well. This guy is Bobs brother. He "nearly" destroyded Springfield, and killed Bart. He was also a part of a evil grand scheme. Kudos to you, Cecil! Kudos to you! Oh, and in one comicstory, he tried to be Lisas archenemy. Too bad I haven`t read it.

6.Lyle Lanley
My faforite con-artist. And he`s a great songmaker!

5.Snake Jailbird
From his Finnish Wikipedia-page.

He`s an average criminal, but since he`s funny by merely existing, he`s one of my faforites.

4 and 3. Kang & Kodos

From Wikipedia.

They are brother and sister aliens, who appear in every Simpsons Halloween special. They`re some of my faforite aliens, and sometimes do evil things.

2.Sideshow Bob/ Bob Terwilliger
Sideshow Bob.png
From Simpsonswikia.

A homicidial maniac, who has done many cool villainous acts. But who wasn`t really evil during his 1. appearance. Also, he has never killed anyone. Which is good. Almost. He STILL hasn`t killed Bart.

1.Mr. Burns

Montgomery Burns.png
From Simpsonswikia.

An evil rich man who has actually killed a few times. Or hopefully he hasn`t. Or actually, let`s forget how evil he is. Let`s think what nice things he has done. Let`s see...He crippled an Irish man! No, that`s not good. Oh, he founded a bioweaponlab! Wait, that`s not good either. Well, he founded a casino, destroyded Lisas news-paper and tried to get Homers mom to prison, because she was one of those who destroyded deadly germs that Burns owned! Oh gee, those aren`t good deeds either...
The guy is also good for alot of laughs.

Sure he has also done good things, but he`s still a villain, and not a philanthropist. Keep up the bad spirit Monty!

Not alot of work went in to this list, but I hope that it`s good.
Bye bye!

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