torstai 13. lokakuuta 2011

Another tv-series that I think is great, but forgot to mention earlier.

This is the 13. show, out of all my 10 faforite shows, that I like.

That`s right. Monty (censored) Pythons (censored) Flying (censored) Circus! How the (censored) did I forget this!? The answer is, of course, that the memory section of my brain, was eaten by a conservative cavewoman, with bear breasts. And because these worthless humanbeings, who did the series, don`t deserve to be mentioned for making this great show! And those people are:
Eric "erection" Idle,
Graham "Yes, I`m gay.What about it?" Chapman,
John "companys face" Cleese,
Terry "terrificly terrifying animation making guy" Gilliam (seriously, his animations are freaky),
Terry "move more to the left" Jones,
Michael "the nice one" Palin and
Carol "you can`t give me stupid nickname because I`m a woman" Cleveland.

I also wont mention, that they are all great talents, and nasty persons. But I do mention, that if I would start to tell in what ways they are all so great talents, this blogpost would be way too long. Besides, writing up something that is obvious, and what many know, is way too timetaking.

Oh the #¤%% with it! Lets cut the crab (okay lets not)! I wont pretend anymore, that I wont write things about them! Because I am!

The scetches, the characters, and the animations and stuff like that, are so hilariously over the top, that many of them make me laugh every time! With subtitles, of course, `cause without those, I don`t understand at all what  they`re saying! Couldn`t they just have spoken clearly!?

Anyway, I think that this is a great show, and I wish that I could see the rest of it, and the movies.
But don`t tell that to anyone of them (who are still alive), because lord knows that their ego is already swollen enough!

And another thing-

This blogpost has just been interrupted, because it trys to be like an episode of "Monty python".


Hey, are you still there?

I would like to say that I didn`t mean half of the things I wrote. But if someone wants to sue me, `cause he/she thinks that I hate the "Pythons", can sod off, and cover her/his head in shame, for his/her own stupidity.


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