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A story about things in life that happened to someone. Chapter 2: I`m going out to town tonight...

Chrisso stood in front of a mirror. He looked at his reflection, which he has never been proud of (even if it isn`t that bad). This is how his face looks like: He has tired eyes, `cause he mostly reads comics to 3:00 o` clock each night. On his cheeks, there`s a swarm of little pimples, that are nearly impossible to destroy. His eyes irises are greyishly brown, and seem to be mostly looking to a world you and I don`t seem to see. Or maybe we do. His nose is pointy, ridiculous even, and if you`re vision is as sharp as a knife, you can see that it has suffered trough many bleedings. His hair is brown and usually messed up, and even if it is cambed up, it`s still messed up. Chrisso looked at his reflection from the mirror, and didn`t like how it looked like.
"I look like Mad hatter." He said.
"Oh well, I`ve tried to make it look at least a little better for at least 25, or 27, minutes. It`s gonna have to do." He looked in to the mirror for a moment.
"Maybe another 10 minutes."

After 19 minutes, chrisso was putting his jacket to his shoulders, and slid his left arm thru the sleeve. He also took his backpack, in to what he put a Batman-TPB he could read, in case he`d have to wait. He goed to the door, opened it, and goed outside. He closed the door, as doors are usually closed, so that noone can get inside (even if it is a well aknowledged fact that if anyone wants to get inside, that anyone most likely can). He walked to the 16:00 o`clock weather, which was moisty and bathed with sunlight, to the tram stop, and waited for the tram that would go to Chellington park. He started to read his Batman: Gothic-TPB.

Chrisso was at the park in 16:46. He sat to the bench that he had sat to 2 nights before, and continued to read his book. At 17:03, Toriayana (who all of you readers* of the last chapter surely remember) sat to the bench. Chrisso smiled to her nervously, and said:
"Hi." Said Tori (we`ll call her Tori, okay?).
" were your relatives?"
"They were nice, as always. How was yesterday to you?"
"I read a little bit of Promethea, and this book. I also looked at the nightsky for some constallations that I have never seen. But I`ve seen all of them. That`s why I made up a few of them."
"You look for constallations?"
"Cool. " Tori smiled.
"You think so?"
"Of course. Not many who I know look for constallations."
"Well, naturally." Chrisso smiled.
"So, what would you wanna do?" He asked.
"Well, I was thinking that we could go walk to a forest, but we don`t have to. I mean, it doesn`t have to be me who says what to do."
"Of course not. But I guess I could walk in forest. For a while at least."
"Why not for long?"
"Because I don`t like forests that much. I mean they`re nice, but..."
"What? Forests are nice? They`re more than nice! I mean, they look beautiful, produce air to breath, books and furniture are made of trees..."
"Hey, of course I know that. But y`know, I just don`t like to, walk in the forest. Or stay in them for a long time. They`re too full of life, for my tastes. I like loneliness. But not too much loneliness."
"Hmm. Well, okay then."
"When will we go there then?" Chrisso asked.

They walked in the woods. It was already 17:38, and Chrisso was getting hungry.
"I have something to eat. you hungry?" Chrisso inquired.
"Yes, I am. What have you got." Said Tori.
"Few sandwiches. Two of them have ham inside them."
"What do the others have?"
"cheese, cucumber and lettuce." "I`ll have the one with cheese and lettuce. I`m a vegetarian."
"I see. My mothers brother in law is one too. I haven`t seen him often. Last time was, I dunno, 11 years ago." They sat down to a fallen tree.
Chrisso passed the lettuce-cheese bread to Tori. It was wrapped in plastic wrap.
"How come?"
"I guess that were not that close. He lives in northern Scotland."
"I`ve actually visited there, about thrice. Or four times. It`s beautiful in there."
The conversation goed on for about 36 minutes.
"I really think that Joaguin Fotheswield** shouldn`t be so upright about everything." Tori said.
"Me too. I mean, he doesn`t like anyone. He doesn`t like other politicians, immigrants, animals...Sometimes I think that he doesn`t even like his friends." Revealed Chrisso.
"Oh, so he`s got friends?" Tori said. Chrisso answered by laughing a little bit.
It had been an hour and 47 minutes since their date had started. Now they got into talking about their future.
"So, what do you do currently. As a job." Tori asked.
"I`m a photographer." Answered Chrisso.
"Oh. I bet you like it."
"Yeah, I do. Right now I`m on a holiday. I`ve been photographing 4 months in a row in Thailand. I was sent there to make a photodiary. It`s gonna be out in about a year, or so."
"Wow. So you`re an author."
"Yeah, well, I don`t think myself as a very good author, but I guess I am. You see, I don`t make up any stuff. I write down what has happened to me. It`s not that difficult. And `cause it doesn`t take alot of talent, I`m not a good  writer. What do you do?"
"I work in a grocery store. Sometimes I think that I could do something else `though. Sometimes it gets boring working there. But, my co-workers are nice. And so are the customers. So I wont quit."
"But, what would you do, in the future, if you would guit your job?"
Tori was silent for a while.
"I think I`d want to travel. Like you."
"I don`t travel that much."
"I think I`d wanna be a travel guide. But not to those tourist traps. More like, to nature. Imagine. Tours to Chinese and Canadian forests."
"Yes, I can imagine. I`d get really tired if I`d have to walk for a long time."
"Okay, now you`ll tell me what you want from the future."
"I want the same as I already have. And a family would be nice."
They were guiet for a while.
"Hey, do you wanna go to a movie or something now?" Tori asked.
"No. I think I could do something fun. Like go to a carnival or something."
"Movies are fun."
Chrisso stared at her for a moment.
"Okay then. I guess we could."
"Great. There`s a club in here somewhere."'
"Eh, what about the movie?"
"Clearly you don`t want to see one. So we`ll go dancing instead. You will dance, right."
"Well, I`m not a good dancer, but okay."
They took a taxi, after waiting a tram for 26, 39 minutes, and after a while, they were at a club called Olive mans treasure***.
"It`s a great time to dance now. C`mon!" Said Tori.
The club was, as expected, dark, full of lazerlights, extremely loud music and sweatty dancing people. Few of them had quite weird and revealing get-ups. Chrisso could swear by his heart, that they were pulled from the pages of "Alice back in Wonderland as a topmodel figured violent, yet innocent girl who has to fight Wonderland characters gone really evil"-comics****. It disturbed him, and already he felt that he shouldn`t have come to this place at all.
"Great music!" Tori shouted. Chrisso barely heard her. Also, he didn`t like the music at all. It was from the two years old album of  "Techno monkey super womanizer man".
Chrisso tried not to care of all this, and danced anyway. He danced rather stifly, and imagined that everyone was snickering of how he danced. In truth, this wasn`t the case, because almost everyone was dancing, and didn`t notice him. He also remembered all the movies in what a guy like him, who wouldn`t mean no harm to a musclebound bullies, got beat up by those bullies. He started to feel terrible. He said:
"I wanna get out."
Tori didn`t hear him.
"Uh, well, okay!" Shouted Tori.
They walked to the door. Chrisso walked into a musclebound guy.
"Oh I`m sorry." Chrisso said nervously.
"No problem." The muscle guy said. Chrisso was slightly dumbstruck.
Chrisso and Tori got out of the club.
"Sorry that I`m a wuzz." Chrisso said, embarrasedly.
"Oh you`re not a wuzz."Tori consolated.
"Y`see, I have a problem with crowds*+*. That`s why I`m mostly alone."  
"Well, you should`ve said so."
"I thought I could handle it."
"Well, no harm done. Right?"
"No harm done." Chrisso almost smiled.
They walked a while.
"So, should we go somewehere else?" Chrisso asked.
"Not if you don`t want to."
"You let me choose everything, don`t you?"
"You let me choose everything we do."
"Well, okay then." Chrisso said.
"Besides, I`m getting tired."
They stopped.
"When should we meet again?" Chrisso asked. "That is, if you want to."
Tori pondered, by Chrissos opinion, for too long.
"Is the day after tomorrow good?"
"Sure. Where would I go? Aside from crocery and book store. Or a library. Or the streets of this town called Little Virgina culf village." Chrisso said.  
"Well, bye." Said Tori. Smiling.
They walked away from each other. Tori to a street which led to the farthest houses of Little Virgina culf village, Chrisso to a tram stop. Second time in a row, he waited for the tram, and it didn`t arrive.
He rented a bike, which he took back the following morning, and hurried to his apartment, where he could read Batman: Gothic to the finish.
The autumny evening air was chilly, and it felt nice to Chrissos cheeks. The time was twenty to eight at night, and it would take 50 minutes for him to get to his apartment.
A magpie was singing.

* Meaning myself, and exactly 1 person.

** A politician of who we will learn more of in the future. Most likely.

*** Why the heck the club is named like that, has never been explained. Well, except to a few people, that is. But they have never told the reason to me. Although I could guess.

**** There hasn`t been comics named like that in this universes planet Earth, but there has been comics like that. I bet that you don`t wanna read them. I don`t. That`s for sure. Maybe.

*+* Oh how convenient! Why didn`t I write him to be regular! It would`ve been far more realistic, since most people don`t have problems with crowds.

Next: Inside the head of Joaguin Fotheswield.

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